Friday, March 13, 2009


Unfortunately AC/DC Abruzzo will not be present in Rotterdam for tonight's show. We made the decision to take a break before our second leg of the European Tour (indoor). We will be back in action in Prague as a warm up for Milan which will probably be one of the highlights of the tour! However, we have several correspondants tonight from the front that will let us know if there are any surprises in Holland.

Looking back at the glorious past three weeks on the road with AC/DC we still find ourselves thinking nostalgically about Paris. The bruises have almost totally gone but we still keep wonderful memories of those two legendary rock'n'roll nights. As Brias said once, Paris is really "heaven on earth for rock'n'roll"! We look forward to the Stade De France show!

Here's a few random pictures of AC/DC Abruzzo's adventures in Paris... We met new and old friends, ate excellent food, drank good wine and had a real good time! More exclusive pictures by AC/DC Abruzzo of the two shows can be found on here. A rare/exclusive ultra-shaky rock'n'roll video of Highway to Hell from the pit during the second show at Bercy will be released very soon on our YOU TUBEchannel.


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