Friday, April 17, 2009

TUBE TRAIN (Running right off the track)

AC/DC Abruzzo has just come back from the O2 arena. Great performance. Disappointing crowd. But we got our dose of rock'n'roll for today and we will sleep well tonight.

But it was quite a difficult task to reach the O2 arena. The Jubilee Line went down at around 7pm (apparently for a Train that ran off the track!!!). No buses and all the cabs were taken. We spent about an hour trying to work out something.  When everything seemed to be lost we were saved by the Gods of Rock'n'roll (and by our stubborn Abruzzese attitude as well as by our flag!)! We arrived at 8.30, just 15 minutes before the beginning of the show. The rest is history! FREKET NGUL!

Pics, videos and report coming soon. In the meantime here's an exclusive 2-cam mix video from London first night. Thanks to the Vice President Andrea who took care of the editing in our General Headquarters in Città Sant'Angelo, the City of Angels of Abruzzo.

PS FREKET 'NGUL means "it's alright, 'ngul" 


  1. HELL0 my friends !!!
    take this present from London...
    A present from Hell, for the English Touch...
    I hope for you a crazy crowd in Dublin !!!
    See you.


  2. Peroni, Peroni, Peroni, Hello from the 'rock'n'roll god who stopped his taxi, to get you to the 02 on Thursday, loved show and drank plenty of beer, I'll look out for the flag at Wembley 26th June, Andy

  3. Hola amigos. Actualizado mi blog. Miradlo.