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AMARCORD meas "I remember" in several Italian dialects, including the Abruzzese! We will use the title of this Fellini's movie for a new series of entries regarding the cities we've visited, the people we've met and the things that we've seen during our AC/DC European tour! We hope you enjoy this retrospective rock'n'roll journey through Europe with AC/DC and AC/DC Abruzzo!

GERMANY March 2009! Dusseldorf-Oberhausen (7-9 March)

As you probably remember AC/DC Abruzzo Stirring Committee added these 2 dates last minute to our European Indoor Tour. The official reason was the cancellation of the second Antwerp tour. The real reason is you never get enough of AC/DC live!! 

So the President ended up in the Northwestern part of Germany. An industrial-working class area that has always had a strong passion for AC/DC since the early European tours. Lots of Dutch fans had also the opportunity to join the party. According to the news received from Orangus, Brian was back in action, full throttle in Leipzig, so we were happy to be part of AC/DC come back to Germany after the legendary 2003 gigs. The expectations were incredible. Needless to say that getting tickets outside the venue for these shows was pretty tough, despite the announcement of the summer stadium tours. AC/DC Abruzzo Vice President and the other guys from the AC/DC Italia crew were also there for the show. Unfortunately, the Secretary General was unable to make it.

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The shows were just perfect! Orangus and I still agree that Oberhausen and Dusseldorf were some of the best performances of the band in indorr arenas (but the audience was too weak in both cases). In Oberhausen, in particular, the band seemed to master the stage perfectly providing an amazing performance, technically and artistically. Brian's voice was still sounding extremely powerful, almost like for the first US leg of the tour. Angus looked in perfect shape, very accurate and more energetic than before. It would be interesting if there is a video bootleg around.... Unfortunately, as said before, the crowd was really disappointing... Coming from Paris or even Antwerp you could tell the difference.

During these 5 days we met some interesting historic fans who had lots of stories to tell us, from the Bon Scott era, to the '80s to the Ballbreaker and SUL tour. We had some real fun together. Being a bit disappointed with the nightlife of the cities (Dusseldorf and Oberhausen are really small cities, especially Oberhausen which could be compared to Pescara! Can you imagine AC/DC live in Pescara! AH AH AH) Orangus and the President headed to Cologne for a quick tour of the city including a stop in some renowned Italian restaurants. The Italian community here is huge, especially the Calabrese community and it is probably easier to find people speaking Italian than English, which is quite unusual for Germany. We also interacted with the local people, sometimes using the body language like in the video below (where some Germans underline the resemblance between football player Luca Toni and AC/DC Abruzzo's President). The magic word was "Campioni del mondo!"

Last but not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY To Brian!!! CIN CIN!

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