Saturday, June 12, 2010

PHOTOS from Donington

Fantastic show and fantastic crowd. The 80,000 people who were at the Donington Park were blessed with one night of pure rock'n'roll which will remain forever in the history of live rock music.
Here's a few photos. Official report with more pics and videos tomorrow.


  1. great pictures, Matteo.

  2. Thanks! I was SOOOOO spirit :)

  3. You were in the front!! well done!!

  4. you're so lucky!!!!!
    i'm 14 years old, from Piedmont and I wasn't present in Udine...
    would be very nice to travel the world like you on the notes of some songs of AC/DC but for many it isn't possible!
    Thanks for these photos and these beautiful video that gives us all the dates for the tour of our 5 favorite rockers!