Sunday, January 23, 2011

The R'n'R Nonno's Diary - The first day in Abruzzo

A small portion of Italian Pasta for R'n'R Nonno in Abruzzo

Thursday 5th August 2010 and I'm finally flying to Italy to visit Matteo, Stephano, Andrea and Marco from AC/DC Abruzzo.
Was good to see M and S at the Airport for a warm Abruzzo Welcome.
It wasn't long before Matteo's mother was laying out the lunch table for an introduction of true Italian Pasta (promised in Sydney!!).
Lunch over, time for a stroll along the beach in beautiful sunshine, before it rained… Hey, this is Italy in Summer!
That evening I was taken to see my first Italian rock band: Litfiba at Stadio Pirani. Carrying an Umbrella, like a perfect English gentleman! Matteo said Litfiba was probably the best rock band in Italy back in the '80s and 90's. Then they split up and came back together just a year ago. I quite enjoyed the fact that "Shoot to Thrill" was chosen to warm up the crowd before they came on. Honestly, although I did not understand the lyrics in Italian I did hear mentions of the Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi and the Pope. Matteo said it was better not to translate what the singer said about them…
M and S said Litfiba brought back a lot of memories from their teenage. They also said that tomorrow they have a special surprise for me. Something that should bring lots of memories from my teenage too… ???

R'N'R Nonno with the infamous AC/DC Abruzzo's "Need 1 ticket" sign

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