Friday, February 11, 2011

The R'n'R Nonno's Diary - The third day in Abruzzo

Relaxing on the beach

Saturday dawns. "Sunshine". 30 minute run again. This time with Matteo. Not bad for a young boy! More walking along the beach and looking forward to more pasta at lunch. More beach walking and then to Andrea and Alessandra in Citta Sant'Angelo for a cultural visit to a medieval experience. at this small village in the countryside of Abruzzo named Elice. Along with Stephano and of course "Rosie", the puppy dog mascotte of AC/DC Abruzzo. Matteo couldn't come because of work… It was a very enjoyable night in a very beautiful part of the world.
On our way back to the car I suggested we could have an ice cream although Stephano and Andrea thought we should have some pasta first. So they made me taste this special fresh pasta typical of this village at around midnight!!

Pasta time

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