Sunday, October 5, 2014

AC/DC Rock or Bust Video Shoot - London 4 October 2014 REPORT Part 2 - THE SONG and PHIL RUDD

AC/DC Abruzzo wine tasting

Great AC/DC Abruzzo aftershow party at the Little Social by Jason Atherton, with Gourmet food and some of the best wines on the menu, thanks to Secretary General Stefano.

The Song: "Rock or Bust"

As we said there were six takes so we managed to get an overall impression of the song. It's about 3 minutes long and it has two choruses and two short Angus' solos (Angus was duckwalking close to the edge of the short circular stage with the cameras following him during the solos). The chorus is "In Rock we Trust, it's Rock or Bust". It sound a bit "heavier" than Black Ice/Rock'n'Roll Train with some influence from older albums such as Ballbreaker. Brian's voice seemed very similar to Black Ice. At least this was the impression.

Italian fans

The Phil Rudd Mystery

According to some rumours Phil was not in London the day before the shoot. Now, we can't say if this rumor is true or not. The official version of the story is that Phil flew back home the day of the shoot for some family problem, nothing serious. In any case everything is possible with Phil, considering his rock'n'roll attitude and character but we sincerely hope he's back soon. We got to say that Bob Richards was quite cool. Very approachable and extremely kind to all fans. He took pictures with most of the fans and gave away the drumsticks he used during the shoot.

With Bob Richards

Happy Nonno Alan

Angus signing autographs to all the fans, TRUE ROCKSTAR

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