Monday, July 20, 2015

Friends Arena, Solna, Sweden, 19 July 2015 - AC/DC ABRUZZO REPORT

Stockholm 19 July, 3pm

Phone call
Stefano D'Abruzzo: Orangus, where are you? In which museum are you?
Orangus: No museum today. I need food. Help me find some steamed rice.

Solna, Sweden, 19 July 2015

1. Rock or Bust
2. Shoot to Thrill
3. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
4. Back in Black
5. Play Ball
6. Dirty Deeds
7. Thunderstruck
8. High Voltage
9. Rock 'n' Roll Train
10. Hells Bells
11. Baptism By Fire
12. Shook Me
13. Sin City
14. Shot Down in Flames
15. Have a Drink on Me
16. TNT
17. Rosie
18. Let There Be rock
19. Highway to Hell
20. For Those About to Rock

We have lots of memories in Stockholm. It was that where we met Brian and Cliff and ended spending two hours with them in 2009...

We couldn't miss this show. Stefano D'Abruzzo flew in from London and joined Orangus for his 26th show in a row.

Wine and Rock'n'Roll

Stefano's Report:

Cloudy grey day in Stockholm. The city centre is almost empty. All the best gourmet restaurants are closed in summer. What a shame! I have my lunch at Vapiano.

Lots of scalpers around and for the first time non official t-shirt sellers all over the place. Orangus and I agree to meet at 7pm at the central train station. He arrives with a 20 minute delay, on foot, with his inseparable GPS device. He looks in good shape but he lost some weight from Belgium, He complains about the Chinese food he had to eat. He will have digestion problems... His breakfast consisted of three pieces of apple pie.

in the metro Orangus befriends other Swedish fans. They look at him with curiosity and interest. A bit puzzled maybe.

We get to the venue. It's an indoor arena, it reminds me of the London O2 arena. We enter 15 minutes before the beginning of the show, Orangus' style. Before AC/DC, 3 Rolling Stones songs are played: Lets spend the night together, Jumping Jack Flash and I don't remember the last one.

We are in the "Orangus zone" pretty far from the stage, but in the Front of Stage section. Orangus is pretty determined to reach 100 AC/DC shows by the end of the US tour...

The concert starts 3 minutes earlier. Of course Orangus notices it and tells me. The Swedish audience is calm and collected. Not much alcohol, to my surprise. Of course no moshpit nor pogo.

Angus starts pretty fast and energetic. Brian looks a bit tired, his voice seems less powerful than usual. 

Orangus starts his tribal jumping dance, bare chested. The Swedes look at him in shock. He continues for the whole show. I filmed him during YSMANL and will share the video later on. Best songs of the concert: Sin City, Rock n Roll train, High Voltage. Angus is covered in sweat (more than usual) during LTBR. 

You could tell the band is a bit tired. The break after Warsaw will be good for them.

During FTATR I realize this is my last European show...

When going back to the station Orangus would complain about Swedish museum. He also tells me secret stories of some of his women worldwide...

My flight back to London will take me back to work. On the agend a wine tasting by Emidio Pepe, one of my favourite wine producers.

The Orangus Travel Diary - 26th show in a row

I just meet some Swedish girls and I am too busy for a report... 

Orangus' new friends


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