Monday, February 23, 2009


Stockholm, SE Globen Arena
February 22, 2009


1. Rock'n'roll Train
2. Hell ain't a bad place to be
3. Back in Black
4. Big Jack
5. Dirty Deeds
6. Shot Down in Flames
7. Thunderstruck
8. Black Ice
9. The Jack
10. Hell's Bells
11. Shoot to Thrill
12. War Machine
13. Anything Goes
14. You Shook Me All Night Long
15. TNT
16. Whole Lotta Rosie
17. Let there be Rock
18. Highway to Hell
19. For Those About to Rock



First of all AC/DC Abruzzo wishes to say GRAZIE MILLE to Brian and Cliff for the great saturday afternoon that they spent with us and with our good friends of AC/DC Italia. We really had a wonderful time together. Brian and Cliff told us lots of stories and anecdotes about AC/DC and their lives: music, fast cars, women and, surprisingly, a lot about food and wine! Especially Brian who confessed that he absolutely loves Italian food (Italian food from Italy, not the one you get abroad!!!). As for Cliff, this guy is just a pure rocker! Non only music-wise... Cliff and Brian are quintessentially FREGNI (Abruzzese word which could be translated with "Cool")! AC/DC Abruzzo will post more details and photos about this amazing meeting very soon!


So, in the end, on Sunday we got snow in Stockholm too! The area around the Globen was all white and it was freezing cold, like in Oslo. Inside the arena we managed to access the GA standing section again, the only area where we think, in our humble opinion, that an AC/DC concert can be fully appreciated.  

Again the boys looked in excellent shape but we noticed that Angus, was again the most energetic one, even more than the previous night. Our impression is that Angus' performances get better as time goes by,  show after show... During the gig he spent a bit more time than usual on the catwalk, especially at the beginning. The setlist was again the same to the previous night but, to us, there is no reason to complain.  Seeing the boys back in Europe, in small covered arenas such as the Globe (with excellent acoustics), with such a great album out and in such good shape, makes us feel totally content and satisfied.

Again Let there be rock stood out of the setlist! But the song of the day for AC/DC Abruzzo was Whole Lotta Rosie which was played with incredible energy. Of course we also particularly enjoyed Shot Down in Flames, Shoot To Thrill again and For Those About to Rock.

The crowd in the Standing Section where we were was again very young. It started slow but then when BIB began it went crazy. During TNT I finally saw people going totally wild, like pushing and jumping like fools. In Italy we call it "POGO". But honestly I was really waiting for this "pinball" effect at an AC/DC concert! The last time I saw that was in the Hammersmith Theatre in London in 2003 in the so called "Stalls section"... Good memories... (BTW We also saw Patrick from Finland who was with us at the Hammy soundcheck!)

AC/DC Abruzzo is now getting ready for Paris... We are certain that the French Crowd will do justice to AC/DC real well. We can't wait to be in Bercy, one of our favourite arenas in Europe. The atmosphere will be unique there!! And maybe an extra song will be played by the boys!!

A Bientot!




Some of the most hard-core AC/DC fans of the world!

Meeting with AC/DC Italia in the AC/DC Abruzzo headquarters in Stockholm

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