Friday, June 12, 2009

BREAKING NEWS from Paris!!!

After hearing the rumours about a possible performance of an extra song in Paris AC/DC Abruzzo Stirring Committee decided to deploy the emergency taskforce exceptionally for the first time since Munich. The President immediately reached the French Capital while the Secretary General will arrive tomorrow from London.

Once in Paris the President met with the special correspondent Orangus and discussed the previous conversation that took place between him and Cliff. The unanimous decision to look for Malcolm and seek for explanation was made.

Unfortunately, the AC/DC Pezzonovanta was impossible to find but Orangus and the President did manage to meet with Brian. Brian showed up, with his charming Abruzzese-like attitude, singing a nice song in French. The President took the opportunity to thank him for this memorable tour, a true gift to all the real fans, and to ask him about the special bottle of wine that was delivered to him in Stockholm (which he said he drank and liked a lot). On the contrary, Orangus asked him bluntly about the RIDE ON rumour. Brian, like a father to his son, very gently and diplomatically, made us understand that this will be a remote option.

The President later met also with Cliff, dressed to kill like an old school coureur the jupons, ready for the Parisian night. When he recognised AC/DC Abruzzo's President he smiled and hugged him like an old friend! When asked about the setlist he confirmed in a very clear and incontrovertible manner that there won't be any surprise tomorrow. Ride on won't be played and there won't be any setlist change.

TANT PIS! A demain au Stade De France.


  1. à demain Matteo !!


  2. Zidane, stop complaining about the world cup though! WE ARE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!

  3. No more hopes until the 2nd US leg of the tour, and the next year. I think they can be called a "show band" now, not "rock band" anymore!

  4. We could see your flag in several of the camera shots at the concert!!! Felt like I knew you.