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The adventures of Junko and Orangus in Japan
(part 2)


Osaka, Kyocera Dome,
March 16, 2010

Rock'n'Roll Train
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
Back in Black
Big Jack
Dirty Deeds
Shot Down In Flames
Black Ice
The Jack (incl Angus strip)
Hells Bells
Shoot to Thrill
War Machine
High Voltage
You Shook Me All Night Long
Whole Lotta Rosie
Let There Be Rock
Highway to Hell
For Those About To Rock

Hi guys! Here's the exclusive report written in Italian by Junko Kawamura, one of the greatest sopranos of Japan, appreciated worldwide for her perfect rendering of the Mummy in Giuseppe Verdi's Aida. As you can imagine it wasn't easy to make a Japanese woman to write in Italian but I made it possible! Here it comes:

"ho capito che lorenzo e molto potente quando si tratta di biglietti,anche in giappone, abbiamo preso 2 ottimi posti, davanti alla pedana, essendo ilmio 3 concerto rock non capisco tanto le differenze con gli altri 2 concerti di tokyo, ma dall inizio mi sembrava che la loro tensione fosse molto alta, piu di tokyo, mi e piaciuta molto una delle prima canzoni, quella col ritmo piu veloce (la sto interrogando, ma non capisco quale, magari quando torno a casa le faccio sentire di
nuovo i pezzi con youtube ndr) mi sono piaciute anche the jack (a lei piace il blues di Gary Moore ndr), e stata una bella esperienza

Back to me now. I'm glad she acknowledged my superpowers when it comes to concert tickets. In the previous report I meant that the Japanese audience is incredibly calm and quite before and after the show but during the show they just go wild. For the second show in Tokyo Junko and I messed it up with the scheduled time and arrived late to the arena. AC/DC started at 5pm instead of 7pm as the previous night and we didn't know. (TYPICAL OF ORANGUS)

Anyway, the Osaka show was my 50th AC/DC show so I celebrated the occasion by wearing a t-shirt that I had bought at my first show in Bologna in 1996. In Osaka we had 2 excellent seats, almost as good as in Albany last year. The show ranks in my personal top 3 list being Circus Krone number 1 and Hammersmith number 2. High Voltage was the highlight of the night. To my taste, it was just perfect. The photos of Bon were no longer on the screens like in Australia though.

Brian started the show very well but then he got a bit tired. The others were just on fire, similar to the show in Dusseldorf, which to me is one of the best performances of the band for this tour. During the show Brian saw the AC/DC Abruzzo flag that I was holding and came by to say hello. Then he did the military salute.

Considering that Junko actually looked like a mummy of the Aida during the first two shows in Tokyo I forced her to drink Sake before the OSAKA concert. She got drunk and stopped to act like a mummy... AHAHAH



The Steering Committee has been meeting every day since the end of the Australian tour to work on the planning of the European Tour 2010, the final leg of the Black Ice World Tour. Although there have been rumours about 2 extra shows to be added in Spain we believe that there won't be any change to the current list. Soon the official AC/DC Abruzzo Tour will be revealed.

THE CHEQUERS - 50 metres from our office


We found an interesting article on The Times regarding our beloved region. The famous English newspaper ranks Abruzzo as one of the 10 best adventures of a lifetime!

Here's an excerpt from The Times' article.

Fancy a Tibetan trek without the long-haul flight? A self-guided hike through the Abruzzo region of Italy could be the solution. It has vino rosso rather than yak’s butter tea, but the long flat valleys sandwiched by grey mountains are dubbed “Little Tibet” and have even stood in for the Himalayas in movies. From Barisciano the route climbs past medieval villages and castles, reaching the plateau of Campo Imperatore, with superb views of the Gran Sasso peaks. After stays in comfortable huts on this seven-day trip, you hike up Corno Grande, the highest Apennine mountain.

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