Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I was shakin' at the knees
Could I come again, please?

As some of you already know AC/DC Abruzzo met Angus and Malcolm several times during the European tour. And each time was unique and special. But the most intense was definetely our first time. In Bruxelles, Belgium twenty days ago....

When we first spotted Angus we immediately experienced sudden tachycardia. Angus was extremely kind and polite with us. He signed our AC/DC Abruzzo Official flag and took pictures with us. He listened to every word we had to tell him. We thanked him heartedly for this European tour which we are following with dedication. He looked happy for us. Unfortunately, on our first encounter, there was no opportunity to give Angus a present from Abruzzo like we did for Brian but this will be arranged later on.

Malcolm was also very friendly and took pictures with us. We talked a little bit more with him and told him how much we missed them in the last 5 years. He replied that they missed us too. We mentioned the 2003 Hammersmith gig, an epiphany for us, which he remembered and commented briefly. Malcolm looks very professional and concentrated even when he meets fans. At times he looks a bit intimidating but he's always very friendly and kind.

Beside that this is what we felt after the meeting with Angus: the President's legs started shaking when Angus was seen approaching us and kept shaking for 5 more minutes after he left. On the other hand, the Special Envoy felt like crying while hugging him before the photo, intensely but gently, like a child would do with his favourite and beloved Teddy bear.

Meeting the Young brothers for the first time is a unique experience. Especially Angus who has been always an icon! Just thinking of what he has done for music and rock'n'roll for the past 35 years gives you goosebumps. But when you shake his hand and talk to him, for the first time, looking at him in the eye you really feel something special and indescribable. You feel Rock'n'Roll!


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  1. hey guy's , I'm so glad for you all !! I met the band in Belgium - Gent 2000 and the were very friendly and the take a lot of time to spend with us

    FromBelgium : WE SALUTE YOU