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Stockholm, Olympiastadion June 3, 2010

Stockholm, Olympiastadion, June, 3 2010

Rock'n'Roll Train
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
Back in Black
Big Jack
Dirty Deeds
Shot Down In Flames
Black Ice
The Jack (incl Angus strip)
Hells Bells
Shoot to Thrill
War Machine
High Voltage
You Shook Me All Night Long
Whole Lotta Rosie
Let There Be Rock
Highway to Hell
For Those About To Rock


After the no-party boat trip we finally arrived in Stockholm. We reached the hotel where AC/DC Machine had organised a few special events for fans attending the show. We checked in at 8am. At 9am we got into a coma. We woke up at around 2pm, met some old and new friends in the lobby and headed for breakfast/brunch with Tommy from Norway. We managed to find a totally decent sandwich with prosciutto e mozzarella and we exchanged some stories till lunch time (which was 6pm for us). We realised it as getting late so we decided to go to the venue for the show.

We arrived at the Olympiastadion of Stockholm, a nice old stadium built in the early XX century. We were a bit puzzled by the low gates protecting the stadium from people with no tickets outside (about 1.5 metre). Can you imagine this in Italy, France or Spain? :D

Anyway, we met again the hordes of Swedish scalpers we recognized from the 2 Globen nights of February 2009, under the snow. Probably the most organised and efficient network of scalpers after the English and the Italians... But we survived again and got in around 8.30. The stadium was pretty small, again around 35,000 people inside, and only one level of seats. And it did look like a old historic stadium from outside. Nice big Australian flag on the left tower and big Swedish flag on the right tower. Again daylight for the entire show.

The band hit the stage a few minutes after 9.15. The crowd, again was a calm/quiet scandinavian crowd, maybe a bit warmer than the Finnish, and probably a bit more drunk too. Brian, again in fantastic shape (although his voice was a bit less powerful than for the previous 2 gigs) showed his appreciation for the crowd several times ("you are making us proud up here" etc.). Maybe he was comparing to the Norwegians and the Finnish. Maybe he was just being kind... At very beginning of LTBR we got some light rain, but it stopped after 2 minutes (unfortunately). Again new Angus' duckwalking for The Jack and Highway To Hell.

Actually during Angus' duckwalking on Shot Down In Flames we got one of our moments of clarity. AC/DC are definitely one of the most hard working bands in music history. When we were observing Cliff, Malcolm and Phil, on the big screens, doing all the hard work behind the scenes as well as Brian and Angus jumping left and right like crazy and we realised that although the band obviously is very tired comparing to the beginning of the European tour nothing can't stop them 'till Bilbao... AC/DC is a war machine and the energy and the professionalism the band puts together during the shows is just amazing.

As for Angus, well, you can never get enough of Angus live on stage. The truth is we grew up listening to hundreds of AC/DC live bootlegs from all tours and finally getting to see the real Angus playing live so many times is just a gift to us. We enjoy every duckwalk and every move. Many people keep asking us why we enjoy watching all these "identical" live shows. Well, in fact, each live show by definition is just unique. We don't really care too much about our Vynil or CD or DVD collection anymore. To us rock'n'roll has become a LIVE experience. And it will be like this until the end of the tour...

After the concert, we met with historic fan Brian from Glasgow, one of our companions during the European and Australian tours. He told us some more stories from the '70s and early '80s. We made him tell us again the story about the Glasgow Apollo Theatre soundcheck (one of our favourites). We just love those rock'n'roll stories from the early days...

Then we met with Mikel, who was one of our correspondents from Buenos Aires, and the rest of the crew from the AC/DC Machine hotel, including Patrick from Finland who was with us at the London Hammersmith soundcheck in 2003... We went together to the Anchor club where a Bon Scott Live Tribute band was playing (very cool version of Kicked in the teeth BTW...).

That's all from Stockholm. Tomorrow we gotta wake up pretty early again and drive all the way to Denmark (and cross a couple of big and pretty expensive Scandinavian bridges).

Brian show

The brothers Young

Brian show 2

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