Friday, February 19, 2010

Sydney 1st night

Screaming Brian
Sydney, ANZ Stadium,
February 18, 2010

Rock'n'Roll Train
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
Back in Black
Big Jack
Dirty Deeds
Shot Down In Flames
Black Ice
The Jack (incl Angus strip)
Hells Bells
Shoot to Thrill
War Machine
High Voltage
You Shook Me All Night Long
Whole Lotta Rosie
Let There Be Rock
Highway to Hell
For Those About To Rock


Back in Sydney. Where it all started a long time ago... And tonight it was really special.
We were back in the standing area, Angus' side. The Stadium was slightly bigger than the Melbourne one and it was an open air concert (no rain tonight). It's as big as the Stade de France in Paris and AC/DC manage to sell it out 3 days in a row! Incredible sight with flashing horns everywhere...

Angus was wearing a green suit again. The band's performance was still impeccable, maybe not as energetic as the final night in Melbourne but still amazing. The big surprise of the night was the crowd in the GA section. Totally different comparing to Melbourne. It actually seemed to be in Europe! A lot of pushing and jumping from the beginning till the end. At a given moment there was even violent pogo, Argentinian style. But then it got so violent (maybe because of alcohol etc.) that the band's security manager had to intervene personally going into the crowd to stop the pogo with other huge Samoan security guys. Never seen this before during the tour! A couple of people were ejected during War Machine. The crowd surfing attempts went on for the whole show but most of them weren't successful and people kept falling down on the floor. Still, it worked a bit better than in Melbourne. Big disappointment for The Jack, only a few Sydney women flashed their tits. The guys got disappointed too and started to sing "TITS OUT FOR THE BOYS" during and after the show...AHAHAAH

Highlight of the night was High Voltage. Seeing Bon on the big screens (winking at end of the song) in Sydney on the eve of the 30th anniversary of his death was something special. TNT was also great, a lot of singing from the crowd. I guess the OI OI OI can't get better than here in Australia...

After the show we met a few Abruzzesi from Sydney who recognised our flag. Ciao to Raffaele &co. We were also impressed with the efficiency of the Sydney public transportation: only a few minutes to take the train to go back to the city centre...

Stay tuned for more on the Sydney shows.

Hell's Bell


Let there be rock

Highway to Hell

General Malcolm

OZ girls behind us in the moshpit. No flashing :(

And for those who missed the poster installation on AC/DC Lane in Melbourne here's an exclusive video. More pictures here.

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  1. Martin Stockholm SwedenFebruary 23, 2010 at 2:03 PM

    Was that the best version ever heard of Thunderstruck or what!?! aoooaooahhh oooaahh SYDNEY!! aoooaooahhh oooaahh SYDNEY!!