Monday, April 13, 2009




1. Rock'n'roll Train
2. Hell ain't a bad place to be
3. Back in Black
4. Big Jack
5. Dirty Deeds
6. Shot Down in Flames
7. Thunderstruck
8. Black Ice
9. The Jack
10. Hell's Bells
11. Shoot to Thrill
12. War Machine
13. Anything Goes
14. You Shook Me All Night Long
15. TNT
16. Whole Lotta Rosie
17. Let there be Rock
18. Highway to Hell

19. For Those About to Rock

Today's show was unusually scheduled for 10pm, not because of “technical problems” or delay. It was just the official kick-off time. We made the healthy decision to skip the “Answer” by  proudly flying our flag outside the venue more than usual for the pleasure of the Basque, who seemed to appreciate it a lot. Many asked to take a photo with us amazed by our dedication which took us from Italy to Bilbao “only” for the concert.

Brian was in excellent shape. He sang several songs with a red bandana, which was thrown by someone in the audience, on his shoulders.

Angus was fantastic tonight. Black uniform. You could see he really enjoys having all those fans having such a great time. When the lights went down at the end of Dirty Deeds he kicked his cap, which he had lost during the solo, in such a professional but natural way that I felt the black sensations of rock’n’roll down my spine again. It's the first time we see him doing it. We have become particularly fond of these little details…

Malcom and Cliff were impeccable as usual and Phil was beating the drums with his “prehensile” left arm like nobody else can do.

NOVITA'!! During Whole Lotta Rosie another Rosie appeared on stage. Very similar to the Donington’s one, lying between Phil and the Rock'n'Roll Train. Instead of licking her tits the way she did in a couple of shows before Bilbao tonight she was touching herself somewhere else with her left hand, full of shiny baroque rings. Although the air pressure used might be the real cause of these funny moves we still like to believe that Rosie gets particularly horny in certain occasions. And in Bilbao it was the horniest Rosie of the entire tour! WLR was the song of the night. The crowd went totally crazy! (soon we’ll post a video!)

The BEC (Bilbao Exhibition Centre) is a huge complex, designed for conferences more than rock shows. I was sitting to the right, Cliff's side.... in the same area where we were supposed to sit in Stockholm, before making our way to the standing section.

The Basque smoked a lot. The security staff was not strict at all, like in Madrid. The standing area was really crowded, maybe too much. The people there seemed to enjoy more jumping vertically than doing some “pogo pushing” like in Italy or France. No crowd surfing at all. There were several flags. Unfortunately, due to forces beyond our control, our flag could not fly in the same spot as usual and was showed from the seats where we were.

We met other fans who become our companions on this long journey such Alano, Remyno, Indylo and others…

We also met two lads from a Spanish magazine called "this is rock". They recognised us thanks to our dirty-stinky rock'n'roll flag. The expressed their admiration for what we are doing and at the end of the concert they asked for AC/DC Abruzzo's official opinion on the show. It looks like we have become probably the most authoritative source of comparative opinions on this European tour, considering the number of shows we have attended so far (15).  


Bilbao is a small city.. But there’s a river that flows into the ocean.

I got there from Madrid after 5 hours on an rather uncomfortable bus. While I was on a taxi to the hotel I saw a few people in a sort of Ku Klux Klan uniform. Pretty creepy. The taxi driver, a huge Pink Floyd fan told me (in Spanish) that they were there for the Easter festivity. Freeek't

The Basque people really don’t like speaking English. I had some pretty serious communication problems during the day. Well, at least until I made the wise decision to use our Abruzzese dialect. But they are all very kind and they often underline the fact that they are not Spanish.

The Guggenheim Museum looks amazing from outside. It has something which reminds me of Futurism. I can’t tell you much about what’s inside because due to the tight schedule I only had time to take a piss in their comfortable (and futuristic) bathrooms.

And now off to London.


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  1. Hi guys!

    It's the same Rosie as for Rotterdam. The train moves backwards and Rosie pops up in front of it, instead of on top of Rosie. there's a picture on under the Rotterdam section,

    cheers and enjoy London!