Monday, June 8, 2009


This just in from our special correspondants:

Backdoor man: "Amazing show! After having seen so many indoor shows I wouldn't have never believed I could see Angus playing with such energy in a stadium too! The show was much better than in Germany. Crazy crowd. Very good sound. But the band!? Oh my God! It actually remembered me of the show in Palau St.Jordi in March, when Brian was totally on fire and Angus played like the destiny of the planet depended on it! The first 2 songs he used the catwalk immediately and you could see from his face he was really serious about giving the audience the best performance he could. Brian got so carried away by the power of rock'n'roll that at a certain point during the encores he JUMPED OFF the stage, while wearing a Barcelona FC shirt and started to interact with the audience (see photo) like the great rocker he is. Just Amazing!! We felt rock'n'roll!!"
Complete report, pics and videos from the Backdoor Man exclusively for AC/DC Abruzzo coming soon... More exclusive material will be sent to
Orangus: "Really bad acoustics again. Definitely not one of their best concert! By the way the other day quotation about the bocce (who also means boobs in Italian) was by Toscanini not Paganini! Ignorants..,"



Brian "Lu Mattarill"

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