Sunday, April 5, 2009


AC/DC Abruzzo once again kept the word and delivered a prestigious bottle of Brunello di Montalcino selected by our Secretary General and Official Sommelier Stefano to Cliff as a sign of gratitude for his kindness in Stockholm. Cliff showed his appreciation for our gesture and looked happy to see us and our flag in Spain.

AC/DC Abruzzo also had the opportunity to meet Angus again. In this occasion we offered him a small present: a selection of fine Japanese and Chinese Tea purchased in a famous tea shop in the center of Milan. With this present we intended to thank him for the two amazing shows in Italy and wish you happy birthday. At the moment of the meeting Angus looked pleasantly surprised. He told us with his unique Rock'n'roll voice: "You brought me Tea from Italy?!? You have Tea in Italy?? " Then he laughed for a few seconds. Even when taking the photo with the AC/DC Abruzzo Staff he kept making comments about the "Italian" tea. Finally, he greeted us with a big smile saying with his inimitable rock'n'roll attitude: "I hope this ITALIAN TEA is good!" And he bursted into a typical Angus Young laugh while looking at us which will be engraved in our minds for a long time!

Unfortunately, we could not meet and thank Brian but we are confident that in London the opportunity will present itself. However, we did send our regards through Cliff.

Salute a tutti!


It is a common habit in Abruzzo and in Southern Italy to show respect and gratitude to family members and dear friends, as well as to people worth of admiration, by offering gifts consisting of food products and fruits of the earth. This longstanding tradition dates back to the Ancient Greece colonies of the Magna Graecia and it has been handed on from father to son throughout the centuries. It is still an integral part of all Abruzzeses' cultural background, even if living far from the fatherland like us.


  1. Freech't!!!
    Stu post m fa shiattà!!!

  2. Both classic and hilarious.... come on guys... Tea???????? HAHA


  3. Just hearing now the terrible news. I hope all of you and your families stay safe.

    All my best wishes.

  4. @Phil, He drinks tea thats actually a good gift

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