Friday, March 20, 2009

MILAN, FORUM March, 19 2009

FANTASTICO! BELLISSIMO! MERAVIGLIOSO! SPLENDIDO! In Abruzzese: "FREGNISSIMO"!!!! These are the first words that come our mind after tonight's legendary show in Milan.

AC/DC performed in Italy in front of one of the best crowds of the entire world tour. No dout about it. AC/DC Abruzzo was present with all its staff at the show for the first time. Gianni, Andrea, Stefano and Matteo! And AC/DC Italia was there too. We had a blast together!
In the meantime we will get some rest watching the new AC/DC video clip filmed in Paris in February which was released today for the new single Anything Goes. After the Rock'n'Roll Train video, shot in London in August, AC/DC Abruzzo is featured again in an official AC/DC video!!!
(2 min 26 sec in)!