Friday, February 12, 2010


Melbourne, Etihad Stadium,
February 11, 2010

Rock'n'Roll Train
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
Back in Black
Big Jack
Dirty Deeds
Shot Down In Flames
Black Ice
The Jack (incl Angus strip)
Hells Bells
Shoot to Thrill
War Machine
High Voltage
You Shook Me All Night Long
Whole Lotta Rosie
Let There Be Rock
Highway to Hell
For Those About To Rock


AC/DC Abruzzo with legendary AC/DC promoter Gary Van Egmond

The official reports by AC/DC Abruzzo are back! As you know the AC/DC Abruzzo Steering Committee with the AC/DC Abruzzo Australian crew member Tyrrell67 is in Melbourne, Australia: the Holy Land of rock'n'roll for all AC/DC fans.

Yesterday we had the privilege to witness the historic come back of ACCA DACCA in Australia after 8 years since their last tour. And it was the first show for the Stirring Committee since Glasgow 2009. The show took place in the Etihad stadium with more than 50'000 people attending the concert. The roof was closed because of the heavy thunderstorm of the afternoon. In fact, Melbourne was thunderstruck even before AC/DC got on stage.

The first thing that struck us was the voice of Brian. He probably benefited from the long break for the Christmas holiday. He sounded really better comparing to Europe, almost like in the Black Ice album... Angus was wearing a green suit. His hair keeps
growing. We just love it... He starts looking like the Angus in the Donington 91 video.

Best song of the night was definitely HIGH VOLTAGE. What a great treat for AC/DC fans who had been waiting for a setlist change. That song is a tribute to the first glorious years of the band and to Bon of course. And seeing pictures of him on the big screens was particularly touching (apparently, at the end of the song Bon winked to the audience). The short live version, despite what critics say, is still very powerful and makes you want to scream HIGH really loud! Below you'll find our recording of the song! We also likes The Jack: with a long improvisation before the song and an unexpectedly long "boobs parade" during the song. Really nice!

Before and after the show we met and talked to lots of fans: from nonno Alan to Brian of Glasgow. We also met Andrea (not the vice president) from Abruzzo and other Italians who came for the show. Apparently there's also an Abruzzo club in Melbourne which we will try to visit in the next few days. An interesting thing about Australia is that when you talk to people in bars, pub and clubs most of them will tell you stories about the Bon era when AC/DC were playing with Bon Scott in very small venues such as for example Cherry Bar on AC/DC Lane...

Today we also checked out the Exhibit. And it's just amazing. Soon we'll publish a special report on that as well...


One of the KOSP's PUA instructors who goes under the name of K.K. is currently training our first student: Brett from Sydney. The boy, despite his young age, has got great potentials and he's working really hard on his skillset to attract women. Here's a picture from yesterday's bootcamp in Melbourne.


  1. Hi, I heard something about you Abruzzo crew at the show on thurs 11th, now I know who you are, and what you're about.. great stuff, also though, wondering if you taped any moree of the show, I know someone must have recorded the whole thing, the rules on vid cams and phones seemed non-existant, I went from interstate to see this show, first time to AC/DC for me, and would love to find a dvd recording of the show, (or any more melb footage really, pref Thurs 11th) If you do, or know the best places to look, could you drop the info or link off at for me?.. Thanks in advance...

  2. I agree with bob and Col: enjoy Melbourne. Have some Hair melbournePeach Melba for me.