Sunday, June 9, 2024

AC/DC Live at Johan Cruijff Arena , Amsterdam 5 June 2024

If you Want Blood (You’ve Got It)
Back in Black
Demon Fire
Shot Down in Flames
Have a Drink on Me
Hells Bells
Shot in the Dark
Stiff Upper Lip
Shoot to Thrill
Sin City
Rock ‘n’ Roll Train
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
High Voltage
Riff Raff
You Shook Me All Night Long
Highway to Hell
Whole Lotta Rosie
Let There Be Rock
For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)

Considering no US tour has been announced yet, and maybe never will, we decided to see as many shows as possible for us in Europe and so, after Seville, we went to Amsterdam. And we witnessed the AC/DC’s electrifying performance at the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam, and what a night it was!

We arrived at the arena early enough to meet some of our German friends we’ve known since the London 2003 and Black Ice tour. It was fantastic to reconnect and share our mutual excitement for the show. For the first time on this tour, we decided to position ourselves in front of the sound mixer to fully appreciate the power of AC/DC’s sound, in full stereo.

The atmosphere in the pitch was lively, with a noticeable level of alcohol consumption among the fans. Drinks were being thrown around before and during the show, and we even spotted some fights and “funny interactions” among the crowd during the opening band. You can check out some of these "friendly fights" on our social media. It reminded us of the rowdy English crowds, and we’re curious to see if London will bring similar vibes like in the past despite the use of smartphones.

The show started on time, and AC/DC kicked off strong and powerful. Brian Johnson was amazing, both in terms of movements on stage and vocals. His voice sounded so good on some songs that it was almost unbelievable. There were moments we joked about the possibility of backing tracks, but knowing AC/DC, it’s all raw and real. We just watched, enjoyed, and thanked again the Gods of rock for the gift of seeing AC/DC back on stage.

“Back in Black” and “Shoot to Thrill” were particular highlights, despite some minor sound distortion, which still made it more authentic for us. The acoustics in the stadium were generally great, especially where we were positioned. We had heard that the sound in this stadium might not be ideal for rock concerts, but our experience was fantastic. Listening to AC/DC in stereo like this was a dream, even though it’s hard for us to wear ear protection and miss out on the mighty rock 'n' roll sound of AC/DC.

“Stiff Upper Lip” was another standout performance. We know from Matt that it was his idea to include it in the set before PowerTrip, and the band approved it. Thanks, Matt! Angus Young was on fire, especially during the first part of the show. He duckwalked and moved energetically, also during Back in Black, though he seemed to slow down a bit during the end of the show; “Let There Be Rock” solo was short comparing to previous shows. In contrast, Brian kept growing stronger as the night went on. And for the encores he even had to change his t-shirt (we noticed as the color was dark blue instead of black).

The rest of the band did a fantastic job. There was a small mistake at the beginning of “T.N.T.” (apparently Stevie started with Dirty Deeds) but it was barely noticeable and again we love such small imperfections that make each live performance unique.

The crowd exceeded our expectations. The lack of division on the floor perhaps contributed to more interaction and energy, even if there was a bit too much alcohol involved. The crowd’s enthusiasm and the band’s performance made for an unforgettable night.

And now, we look forward to Munich! Stay tuned for more updates from the road. Until then, keep rocking!

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