Tuesday, October 6, 2009


“Her hot potatoes will elevate you.
Her bad behavior will leave you standing proud”


We know it's HARD to believe!! But it's true! Among our world tour adventures and amazing meetings, Matteo and Stefano of AC/DC Abruzzo had the privilege to meet one of the most charismatic and iconic Italian movie stars in the world... ROCCO SIFFREDI!!!

As most of you know, Rocco has gained worldwide fame thanks to his stunning 20-year career in the adult film industry collaborating with more than 5000 "business partners", starring in more than 1500 movies and becoming undoubtedly THE BEST in his field. Now that he has retired as an actor he works as a producer. A.lways keeping his STIFF... STIFF UPPER LIP!

However, most of you probably don't know that Rocco is from the ABRUZZO region, just like AC/DC Abruzzo staff!!

AC/DC Abruzzo met him during the world tour and had the opportunity to have a nice friendly chat with him about a wide range of subjects... from XXX to AC/DC.

Here's an excerpt of AC/DC Abruzzo's exclusive interview with ROCCO SIFFREDI!

Hello Rocco, thanks for being with us. We are from Roseto, Abruzzo just a few kilometres from your hometown Ortona. And since we are here in Budapest following the band we wanted to express our respect and admiration by meeting and offering you a special bottle of wine selected by our sommelier!

Thank you guys! It's very nice of you. And thank you for the bottle. Next time you're in town give me a call and we'll meet in a nice restaurant.

Rocco, as you know we are on very tight schedule due to AC/DC world tour. But it meant a lot to us to be here to thank you in person, even briefly, for all your work which we admire a lot. Especially the early days... Above all, you proved that the "strong and gentle" attitude combined with the stubbornness of people from Abruzzo can lead to success and excellence, in any fields.

Yes it's true, but I was also lucky... If I didn't go to Paris when I was 20, despite my big talent and strong character, I would have probably ended up in Pescara repairing public telephone booths with my uncle as you can read in my autobiography. Life is about seizing the opportunity at the right time, but you also have to put yourself in the right place. This goes for everything in life.
But you guys are really touring Europe with AC/DC? You must be crazy HARD CORE fans! Don't you guys have a job??

Rocco, we just love to combine business and pleasure, just like you! AH AH AH AH

You're funny guys! And I like your flag... Let me sign it.

Thanks Rocco! What do you think of AC/DC? Are you going to the concert?

I love AC/DC and I'd love to go to their concert but unfortunately I have a very important film casting to supervise in these days. Being a movie producer is really a HARD job! Do you guys want to COME to the casting by the way?

WOW! We’re flattered, Rocco. But this time we’ll have to pass. We must go to the show! There are rumours that AC/DC are going to change the setlist tonight…

As you want! CIAO to AC/DC Abruzzo fans.

Sì ragazzi! E' proprio lui! Rocco Siffredi! Uno degli abruzzesi di maggiore successo, tra i più ammirati e invidiati del mondo! Il Rocco nazionale, icona del MADE IN ABRUZZO. AC/DC Abruzzo ha avuto l'opportunità e il privilegio di incontrare Rocco e di parlare con lui di diversi argomenti: dalla musica degli AC/DC (che conosce e apprezza) fino alla sua recente autobiografia, fonte di ispirazione anche per il tour di AC/DC Abruzzo. Venuto a conoscenza del nostro progetto Rocco si è mostrato molto incuriosito ed è stato subito lieto di apparire in foto con noi per il nostro blog. Il suo carisma "forte e gentile" e la sua energia contagiosa ci hanno dato un ulteriore impulso nel proseguio del nostro tour. Ringraziamo di nuovo Rocco e gli auguriamo un in bocca al lupo per il proseguio della sua carriera di produttore!

Thanks to Istiboy&co for intelligence and logistics and to The KOSP for external consulting.


  1. Haha! So are you going to post the interview with Obama next week then? ;) Amazing!

  2. Actually we had our shot at Obama when he came to Abruzzo for the G8 last July but missed it! There are lots of famous Abruzzeses around the world: from Madonna to Michael Bublé... So you never know what's gonna happen next ... ;-)