Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yesterday it was a cold and rainy night in Budapest. Great show although it was clear to us that the band was a bit tired (especially Brian). Probably because of the frantic Milan weekend... More details soon.

AC/DC Abruzzo staff really feel TANDE STRACC (very tired) after 12 shows. We'll now take a few day break resting and relaxing in our Budapest headquarters, sorting out hundreds of photos, videos and working on the missing reports for our fans. 

Next show for AC/DC Abruzzo will be Zurich! 



  1. I was in Milan for the first night & the crowd was the best I have seen DC play of for many a year. I did see two of the Abruzzo boys on the floor, but was too far away to make myself heard!!
    Thank you for your wonderful updates and hope to see you in the UK.

  2. The setlist of the Budapest show with Angus' signature on that link (also a video from the concert)