Monday, December 7, 2009

Buenos Aires, River Plate Stadium Dec 06, 2009 - Chettaffatto!

The Vice President on the phone


01. Rock N Roll Train
02. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
03. Back In Black
04. Big Jack
05. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
06. Shot Down In Flames
07. Thunderstruck
08. Black Ice
09. The Jack
10. Hells Bells
11. Shoot To Thrill
12. War Machine
13. Dog Eat Dog
14. You Shook Me All Night Long
15. T.N.T.
16. Whole Lotta Rosie
17. Let There Be Rock
18. Highway To Hell
19. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

Tonight we received a surprise phone call from Marcom and Andrea during the guitar intro of Highway to Hell live in Buenos Aires... It was really a pleasant surprise... Here's what they told us over the phone after the show:

Marcom: Chettaffatto! No extra cameras tonight. Don't ask me why but the DVD will be just the footage of the second night... I guess it will be enough anyway... Maybe they wìll add some audio from the other shows... We don't know... (The DVD probably won't be released before June). Anyway amazing performance of Brian tonight. He was on fire. Old school kick-ass performance of Angus. He was so happy about the response of the crowd during the LTBR solo that he took a bow in the middle of it to thank the audience. Incredible! The solo went on for some extra minutes. Possibly the longest LTBR solo of the entire tour... The audience was crazy as usual. One funny thing about Argentinian crowd is that you get to see people jumping wildly not only in the pitch but even on the second level on seats on the side in the Stadium... This time we decided to see most of the show in front of the catwalk, just in the middle. The sound there was so good that it was pure for our ears... Amazing!
One funny story for our readers. On Wednesday we were doing some grocery shopping in a local supermarket called DISCO in the centre of the city and we bumped into Ellen buying snacks ect. That was really funny! AC/DC Abruzzo and AC/DC Italia doing grocery shopping with Angus' wife in Argentina!!! AHAHAHAH. We also met Ross who was really cool with all his Facebook fans. We really loved his Ferrari jacket... Pretty nice! The band was pretty busy signing autographs with hundreds of fans. Always very cool... Another funny thing was the non authorised sellers of t-shirts outside the stadium. They mixed it up pretty well. Like you could see T-shirts with creative artwork such as Bon Scott on Razor's Edge album cover or souvenir t-shirts of the Argentinian tour with 4 dates instead of 3... AHAHAH

Andrea: Yesterday we went to the Boca Junior soccer match. Bellissimo! And today we had again 400g Argentinian steaks before the show... We love Argentina!

Argentinian Rock'n'Roll Train

In front of the Bombonera stadium


  1. i nice to see that you like our country. People here is crazy but friendly. And love rock and roll!!!

  2. thanks for all your comments. You're welcome every time you want yo visit our country. We're just the way you told: "wild".

  3. Lo mejor del Heavy Metal mundial........una pena la desaparición de algunos de sus componentes de la banda.............