Monday, June 7, 2010

CASA Arena Horsens 05 Jun 2010

In the beginning, the plan was to take a week off from our world tour "duties" and invest some time "interacting" with Swedish girls in Stockholm (which considering the founding principles of AC/DC Abruzzo is still part of our duties). But the temptation was too strong and we couldn't resist. We had to go to Denmark and get another AC/DC show under our belt. After all there's time for Swedish girls in the future, while this could be AC/DC's last tour. We got our priorities, right? So we rented a car and put an ad on our blog and Facebook profile to get another couple of crazy fans for this 24-hour mission...

A day later we were hitting the road headed for Horsens, Denmark. We had Bjorn from Sweden, historic fan (first AC/DC gig in 1977) and Jason from Greece (whom we met for the first time before the first Globen show and in Antwerp in 2009). We had 900 km to do and lots of AC/DC stories to hear and tell.

So we drove and drove and drove... We crossed the first bridge, then the second and then the third. And after 9 hours we arrived in this small town in the middle of nowhere... The scene looked a bit like Wels. Nobody around. Ghost city. Everyone at the gig, obviously... We got rid of the scalpers pretty quick, got a big Danish hot-dog and got inside for the show. We ended up on the seats again. We were too tired and lazy for the standing area (and also we are saving energy for Donington). The crowd was again another "scandinavian" crowd: so pretty calm and not moving a lot. But as for drinking habits, the Danish looked like the Scandinavian champions... But they were really loud. Probably the loudest... Anyway, the show was probably the best of the Scandinavian tour. Angus was just amazing... Even the intro of Rock'n'Roll was impeccable (we don't think coming out of the catwalk helps to be accurate). As for Brian, we don't know what he has been drinking or eating or taking. He's just getting better and better with age. Like an expensive bottle of Petrus wine. Malcolm was in excellent shape. So was Cliff. And Phil looked nastier than usual behind his drums with his brand new sideburns.

After the show, we dodged all the drunk Danish fans, especially those who were using the gates and fences around the stadium as toilets, grabbed a couple of sandwiches and got back on the car. No time for any sightseeing or chasing girls. We had to get back to Stockholm before 9am. We hit the road all night long keeping telling stories (Orangus and his adventures were mentioned several times -apparently he became pretty popular among the blog's readers). After all the passengers passed out because of the fatigue, the President kept driving and driving and driving... The energy of Powerage and Ballbreaker kept him awake all night long...

AC/DC Abruzzo's bat-mobile

Danish open air public toilet

Our dinner


Let There Be Rock

4am - Highway to Hell