Saturday, March 6, 2010


Adelaide, Oval Stadium,
March 2, 2010

Rock'n'Roll Train
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
Back in Black
Big Jack
Dirty Deeds
Shot Down In Flames
Black Ice
The Jack (incl Angus strip)
Hells Bells
Shoot to Thrill
War Machine
High Voltage
You Shook Me All Night Long
Whole Lotta Rosie
Let There Be Rock
Highway to Hell
For Those About To Rock



After Brisbane and the Gold Coast and the rainy weather we arrived in Adelaide on a Monday night and surprisingly it was as cold as a winter day in Europe! We still can't figure out the weather in Australia... Anyway, it took us 2 hours to find a place where we could eat something at night...

The concert took place in one of the smallest venues of the entire open air tour: the Adelaide Oval, a cricket stadium. Very close to the city centre, it had a nice semicircular shape for the concert setup which created a very intimate atmosphere if compared to Sydney or Melbourne. But for some unknown reasons at 7.30 there were still thousands of people in line outside, calmly queueing in the typical anglosaxon way (like a serpentine) to enter one of the two gates available (???). We don't know if they managed to get in time (concert started earlier 8.30pm). Anyway only a few people were complaining... In Europe there would have probably been riots....

Green uniform for Angus. Short catwalk. Sleeply crowd again. Some interesting characters coming directly from the Australian outback. There was a beautiful (almost) full moon tonight which was immediately pointed out by Brian who started howling!!
We loved it! Same amazing performance by the band. No need for further comments. Malcolm didn't use the WhiteFalcon again (apparently in Brisbane it was a problem with the beltpack and not a broken string).

That's all from Adelaid-Hell. See you in Perth!

More photos from the show here.


In Brisbane and Adelaide a few sets ("set" is a technical term for group of women) were opened (approached) by KK's instructors under the supervision of the Master Pick Up Artist himself who provided constant counselling while in the field. A few routines by K.K. to be used in the interactions with girls were also fieldtested succesfully. Training of student Brett will continue in Perth and in Sydney.

KK's instructor with local OZ girls

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