Thursday, March 5, 2009


07 Mar Dusseldorf DE ISS Dome

09 Mar Oberhausen DE KoPi Arena

The decision was made two days ago after the second Antwerp show was cancelled. AC/DC Abruzzo has been working around the clock in the last 48 hours to arrange everything for this unplanned journey to Germany to follow our favourite band.

The President is now in our Rome headquarters where he had time only for some rest, a quick pasta refill and for some laundry. The Special Envoy is in London dealing with some professional matters while the Vice President is in the Abruzzo General Headquarters, working as well on the German campaign.

We did what had to be done. We now hope that the Gods of Rock will help us in this new venture.


  1. Good luck Lads!
    I will be in Milan for the 1st show - hope to see you guys there. Your blog is a pleasure to read & I always salute DC fans like yourselves.
    Keep Rockin'........

  2. Hello lads, it's Owen here (I met you after the first Paris show?). Glad to hear that you boys will carry on. Remember what I said - if I can help out at all with the UK leg of the tour (meeting up, travel/hotel info etc), just ask....Get in touch, I think you have my email.

  3. Go Abruzzo Go!
    Will you visit Rotterdam?

  4. Thank you all for your support! See you on the road. CIAO!