Friday, April 10, 2009


"We are still alive" said an old lady to a TV reporter yesterday. This is a sentence full of hope and determination, typical characteristics of the Abruzzo People, although it's the only certainty that many have at the moment.
After a few days of reflection we finally made the decision that AC/DC Abruzzo has to continue with its arena tour in Europe following AC/DC. We want to thank again all our friends from all over the world who sent us messages of support and solidarity asking us to keep going.
Touring Europe with AC/DC was a dream we have cultivated since Hammersmith 2003. When the European dates were announced we made the commitment to take our flag from Oslo to Birmingham. It has been a rewarding but difficult journey so far. We are determined to continue to pursue our dream.
AC/DC Abruzzo will RIDE ON!


  1. Glad to see you're going on. Rock means hope, strenght to carry on. Rock makes you forget all the pain and sadness and celebrate life with tons of energy. And we all know wich band is the best to make it possible.

    Greetings from the most exciting, vibrating, screaming, and smoker ac/dc crowd: I mean Spain, of course- ;)

    For those about to Rock, Abruzzo, WE SALUTE YOU!

  2. Ciao Mattéo
    Un bonjour et une pensé pour toi mes amis Italiens dans ces moments difficile.. je suis heureux de lire cet article trés positif, malgrès la douleur et la tristesse je pense aussi que cette tragédie ne dois pas vous empêcher de vivre vos rêves et vos passions que je partage avec vous et la vie dois prendre le dessus et continuer..
    j'espère vous retrouver bientôt pour vivre d'autres moments heureux et rock'n roll



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