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As you know AC/DC ABRUZZO decided to create the "Interviews with the Hardcore Fans" series. We met many of them during our international rock'n'roll journey, from Wilkes Barre, USA to the Open Air Summer tour in Europe and we have been impressed by their dedication, passion and energy. But the most interesting thing for us, from Wilkes Barres onwards, was to have met those hardcore fans who had been confined in a limbo that lasted for 5 years (or 8 if they didn't attend any European show in 2003) before having the chance to see the band on stage again. Some of them are legendary figures who travelled almost anywhere to see the band, even since the Bon Scott era, others are just regular forum posters who had never seen the band live before this tour. What they have in common is their genuine passion for AC/DC and their willingness and commitment to see them live in concert as many times as possible during the BLACK ICE World Tour.

PHIL (for us: Phillo)

AC/DC Abruzzo: Today, we're with one of the greatest AC/DC Belgian fans that AC/DC Abruzzo had the pleasure to meet in Antwerp. Phil is our special guest for today. Phil, your blog Bedlam in Belgium ( is definitely one of the reference points for all the Belgian fans as well as for some international die hard crazy fans like us. Can you tell us when and why you decided to create a blog?

Hi Abruzzesi! I created my blog in August 2008, in great anticipation of the long awaited new world tour. Last encounter was the Hammersmith gig in 2003, after the amazing shows with the Rolling Stones in Germany. I was browsing the internet for my favourite band and found out that the only existing Belgian fan site ( hadn’t been updated since 2006. Belgian fans sure had both the need and right to remain up to date about their number 1 band! That’s when the idea of creating a Bedlam in Belgium blog came about. I was surprised by the massive interest from fans all over the world: at first I hoped to reach an audience of some hundred die hard fans and now already more than 5000 unique Belgian visitors came to check the site: incredible!

But you’re also very active on other boards?

Yes, of course: you can find me posting around on the official AC/DC forum and on

We met in Antwerp for the 6th gig of the indoor tour. From what you were wearing it looked like either you had played truant that day or you had been preparing yourself for a long time for that concert?

Hèhè… indeed, I was wearing my schoolboy uniform, neatly unpacked and ironed, ready to hit the road and see some AC/DC shows. I was wearing it on the public transport in the Antwerp city center, where most elder ladies were in complete shock but I reassured them humming the following phrase: “don’t you struggle, don’t you fight, don’t you worry, ‘cause it’s your turn tonight”. Then the bus driver wanted to report me to the school’s headmaster. But I told him “My friends are gonna be there too”. I also brought my inflatable SG (very convenient when travelling by public transport: instantly inflatable and ready for action) to duckwalk all the way to the front row

And by the way you ended up on the big screens during TNT. Do you think that was the reason why the screens stopped working after a few minutes?? AH AH AH

All of a sudden I heard a lot of girls scream. That’s when I realised that I was on the big screen. Seriously, if I would also have flashed my sixpack to the camera, the screens would have instantly stopped working.

As we all remember the second show in Antwerp didn’t take place, unfortunately. We were surprised about how calm and relaxed the Belgians were when they learned the news of Brian having the flu. Had this happened in Paris they would have probably brought back to action the guillottine. Not to mention Italy...

Yeah, this was a very unfortunate night. The concert organisation managed fairly well to alert fans that were already on the road by messages on traffic signs, radio stations and internet. I was disappointed myself, but Brian had told us that he had a soar throat the day before the 1st show. We had witnessed that first show and I was blown away by the amount of energy he could put into that show (as all the boys did). I understood that going that deep would not facilitate speedy recovery. And I knew from the Hammersmith gig in 2003 that even when Brian would be seriously ill (he just came out of hospital the day of the show), he would still get on stage. I am convinced that the band has tried to get on until the very last moment. Hence probably the late announcement at the venue. My buddies (together we are called the 3 Angi – from the latin plural of 1 Angus) and myself went for a cool pool party instead, and indeed comforted ourselves with some delicious Belgian beers and loud music. The Rotterdam show 1 week later made us totally forget. And the other fans: they get a new chance to see them in Amstedam! Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win.

So I understand you met and talked to Brian the day before the show. Congratulations! Did you also meet the other boys?

Yes, we managed to meet the band briefly the day before the show and of course it was a surreal eye to eye encounter! We thanked Angus and the boys politely for being such a great and influential musicians. Their down to earth approach of the boys was most striking: I believe that's totally rock&roll and deserves eternal respect.

Unfortunately our paths didn't cross again after Antwerp. But you met other fans! Tell us something about the other shows you saw and the diehard fans you met

I was able to meet with Wildheart from the AC/DC forum at the Antwerp gig and we also met Carole from Canada in Holland, along with some crazy Dutch fans. It is übercool to meet like-minded folks from around the globe. I hope to meet some more folks on the next gigs.
Thanks guys for your continuous flow of in depth field reporting from all over Europe! Next stop: Paris, France! Hope to see you there up front! POWA!!!

Thank you Phillo. It was a real pleasure having you here with us. See you soon on the road and keep on rockin'!

And now, after the interview series, last but not least, the setlist from Athens!!!!! You thought we were going to skip that.... Eh eh eh eh... NO F*£$IN' WAY!

Athens, OAKA Stadium May 28, 2009

1. Rock'n'roll Train
2. Hell ain't a Bad Place to Be
3. Back in Black
4. Big Jack
5. Dirty Deeds
6. Shot Down in Flames
7. Thunderstruck
8. Black Ice
9. The Jack
10. Hell's Bells
11. Shoot to Thrill
12. War Machine
13. Dog Eat Dog
14. Anything Goes
15. You Shook Me All Night Long
16. TNT
17. Whole Lotta Rosie
18. Let there be Rock
19. Highway to Hell
20. For Those About to Rock

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    Because our requests were not satisfied at the concert of Athens, we are cutting a finger of Lorenzo for every concert with the same set list, the fingers will be sent to ac/dc Abruzzo's stuff as a proof of our obstinacy.

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