Friday, May 8, 2009


Waiting for the Premiere of the Open Air European tour in Leipzig, which AC/DC Abruzzo will attend, we post a picture from the Munich stadium were the stage was assembled for production rehearsals. You can see the big panels on the lawn that will be probably used for the background on the stage... Mhm, they look familiar, don't they?

Also we would like to let you know about this project to support the reconstruction works of the Conservatory and the Theatre of L'Aquila which were destroyed by the terrible earthquake of last month. Some of the most famous Italian artists took part in this project including some international musicians such as Zucchero, Jovanotti, Nek, Gianna Nannini and Laura Pausini. Ok, it's not our favourite type of music but the it has a noble purpose and we want to use the blog to to spread the word. If you want to contribute you can find the bank details on this website.

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