Tuesday, June 23, 2009


In the past few days AC/DC Abruzzo got some very positive reviews of all the Scandinavian gigs...  

PHOTO GALLERY from Copenhagen (Thanks to Mark and his photographer friend)

Obviously the boys are getting in perfect shape for Grand Finale of the European tour that will take place in Glasgow on June 30th. We can't wait. The main reason is that since Antwerp, we've been hearing rumours from reliable sources about something unique to be played in Glasgow. So we'll go to Scotland hoping for something really special.. And hoping that the boys didn't change their mind... ;-)

AC/DC fans from all over the world are also getting ready for this historic event. They will gather in Scotland coming from Europe, North America, Australia...It will be another milestone for AC/DC fans! AC/DC Abruzzo will meet with some old friends, including some who were in Wilkes Barre with us for the private gig! What a great opportunity to party! Our good friend Stonebreaker recommended the following after-party saying that it will be attended by lots of crazy German fans. Considering the success of the German party in the Latin Quarter in Paris last February we think we're not going to miss this...


Last but not least, speaking of setlist, here's also the complete exclusive "decoded" video of Dog Eat Dog, Live in Munich May 15, 2009. Enjoy!


  1. Those pictures from Copenhagen are probably the best ones so far from the whole tour.

  2. My money is on it's a long way, evne though chances are smaller than getting a smile from Phil!

  3. Bonnie followed by I´m a Rocker maybe.

  4. BETTING ODDS by AC/DC Abruzzo bookmakers department:

    Bonnie 2-1
    It's a long way to the top 18-1
    If you want Blood 20-1
    Gone Shootin 20-1
    Riff Raff 40-1
    Rocker 50-1
    Live Wire 80-1
    Touch too Much 100-1
    Other 10-1