Friday, July 31, 2009


From Orangus' Journal - My first trip in the USA
AC/DC Abruzzo declines all responsabilities for any politically incorrect statement, comment or action made by Orangus. 

FIRST SHOW - Gillette Stadium July 28, 2009

Boston July 29, 2009


So I solved the ticket problem very easily and found a floor ticket at the box office of the Gillette Stadium. The crowd was not too bad and I easily adapted myself to the reserved seating policy they have here in the States... Yes, they really have chairs in the front of stage section!! Incredible! I managed to move and stand in the corridor anyways... 

Great show and great performance. Especially the Let There Be Rock solo... The funniest thing of the show was Brian hanging from the Hell's Bell with the bell oscillating without making any noise... So he kept hanging waiting for something to happen but after a few extra seconds of silence he came down and waited for the beginning of the song. As far as the setlist is concerned, as you already know, the boys played all the classic hits we love such as Touch too Much, If you want Blood, RnR Dannation, Ride on, Down payment Blues etc... 

Unfortunately, I  didn't manage to meet the band but I talked to a guy who told me that the previous day Phil had said a nice "vafangool" to a fan asking for an autograph... We love Phil! 

The public transportation to and from the Stadium seemed to be of a third world country. There was no shuttle bus, special train from Boston so I went by train to a small village not far from the Stadium. There was no taxi there so I, an Irish guy and 3 Americans paid another American guy for a ride (10$ each). There were 6 people in the car. A nightmare. And the parking lot cost 40$!! I even saw a person getting arrested by the Police for jumping over a barrier. 

After the show nobody, neither the Police nor the security personnel, could give me any accurate information about public transportation to go back to Boston. No taxis at all. So after waiting enough time to miss all the trains and busses I decided to hitchhike. After 30 seconds a woman stops:

-Where do you have to go?
-Are you crazy?
- Yes
-Ok I get you, where are you from?

At this point she started to hug me and kiss me. She wasn't that bad... Maybe a bit mature but she actually looked like Rosie... Her friend, on the contrary, was really ugly. But who cares? Then she told me she helped because she liked my legs (I love jogging and cycling!)... She was hitting on me so intensely that we actually got lost in the parking lot...


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