Saturday, July 18, 2009


AMARCORD meas "I remember" in several Italian dialects, including the Abruzzese! We will use the title of this Fellini's movie for a new series of entries regarding the cities we've visited, the people we've met and the things that we've seen during our AC/DC European tour! We hope you enjoy this retrospective rock'n'roll journey through Europe with AC/DC and AC/DC Abruzzo!

Tough days for AC/DC Abruzzo's staff.  Life without AC/DC on tour is not the same. While waiting for the next North American leg here's another episode of the Amarcord series: PARIS-ANTWERP

We already talked in detail about the Paris, Bercy shows. In our opinion they were the best of the indoor tour.  There was unique atmosphere, the energy levels were probably among the highest of the whole tour and we felt also the spirit of Bon, who loved the city just like the other boys in the band. You can feel that. We keep lots of unforgettable memories in Paris... It was also nice to meet the German fans and Orangus, whom we had seen the last time in front of the Hammersmith theatre in London in 2003. Seeing AC/DC in Paris was definetely one of our dreams. It came true.

With the Germans
With Orangus
R'n'R croissants
French Food
Bercy Devils

AC/DC Abruzzo's Stirring Committee made the last minute decision to go to Antwerp after the amazing experience in Paris. We couldn't just stop at that time and we felt it was appropriate to add two extra shows. We missed the train we were supposed to take on the 28th because the President's watch was found set 15 minutes ahead of the exact time (for some unknown and mysterious reason...) and we arrived too late. Then the following train was delayed by 2 hours... But we finally arrived in Antwerp at night in the central train station (pretty nice)... 

Obviously we didn't have tickets for the show so we had to use our magical powers to find them without dealing with scalpers. We made it again! The show was great. We loved the venue and the audience... Great acoustics. 

The Belgium stay was also unique because in our day off we managed to meet the band in Bruxelles. It was definetely calm and relaxed comparing to the other occasions we had and it was pretty cool to have time to talk even to busy Malcolm... Obviously all the details can be found in the entries we posted in early March. During our stay we met some other cool fans such as Fabien and Phil and many others... Unfortunately, as you know, the second night in Antwerp was cancelled due to Brian having the flu. So we had to celebrate Stefano's birthday somewhere else ... And rest a little bit before going back home...


Antwerp is really a small city in Belgium. Very windy. You can see lots of immigrants in the streets and lots of diamond brokers shops. Great french fries and excellent beer. The old town is not too far from the Train Station and there are several buldings of architectural interest. On the contrary the nightlife seems to be considerably slow apart from a couple of striptease clubs and the entire red light quarter which is worth a quick visit. Brussels is a couple of hours away and it's definetely bigger as a city, but still to small for our taste. The Grand Place is very nice. The Charleroi airport (Ryanair) can be reached with a direct train.

Mannekin pis
Grand Place

Satanic Forecast

R'n'R Train Station


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