Saturday, November 21, 2009


Rustelle elettriche

As announced the second edition of the Rustelle Elettriche Day (Electrical Arrosticini) took place in Città Sant’Angelo, Abruzzo a few nights ago. The Stirring Committee together with the Vice President, his wife and the former IT consultant/cofounder gathered in a secret location to lay out the guidelines for the next months on tour. Unfortunately the little puppy dog mascot Rosie could not attend the meeting.

The General Assembly discussed the memorable achievements of AC/DC Abruzzo in the past 12 months of activity during the Black Ice World Tour, from the wine tasting session with Brian and Cliff in Stockholm to the unforgettable behind the scene chat with Angus in Paris and Dublin. The backstage experience of the Vice President in Milan with the AC/DC Italia crew before the second night at the Forum was also considered a milestone for AC/DC Abruzzo.

During the long work dinner the General Assembly set the goals of AC/DC Abruzzo for the next months. Although all the details cannot be revealed at the moment we can proudly announce that the AC/DC Abruzzo will continue its international activities both in South America and Australia. The possibility of adding Japan to our agenda was also considered during a phone call between Orangus and the President.

Unanimity was reached on all the points in the Agenda except for the external collaboration with The Kosp, tenaciously opposed by the Vice President, who remained skeptical about the compatibility with Project AC/DC Abruzzo. After tough negotiations the Vice President threatened to resign but an agreement was finally reached thanks to multilateral diplomatic efforts. A qualified majority vote followed and the collaboration with the Kosp was finally approved. E tarallucci e vino per tutti!!


Antipasti della casa con focaccia abbruzzese
Chitarrina ai funghi porcini e tartufo
Pasta Mugnaia
Arrosticini at will
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Praesidium Riserva 2003 (in honour of Hammersmith 2003)

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