Saturday, November 14, 2009


On several occasion we pointed out that Abruzzo is undoubtedly the greatest rock'n'roll region in Italy. As you know we have specialties such as the Guitar Spaghetti, we have the solid rock of the Gran Sasso Mountain (i.e. "Big Stone" Mountain), we have Rocco "Hard as Rock" Siffredi and Rocco'n'Rollo...

For the record, in Abruzzo there is also a long list of towns that are called ROCCA (in Italian it is pronunced like ROCKER in English). Here's the complete list:

Rocca San Giovanni (Rocker San Giovanni)
Roccamontepiano (Rocker Montepiano)
Roccascalegna (Rocker Scalegna)
Roccaspinalveti (Rocker Spinalveti)
Rocca di Botte (Rocker di Botte)
Rocca di Cambio (Rocker di Cambio)
Rocca di Mezzo (Rocker di Mezzo)
Rocca Pia (Rocker Pia)
Roccacasale (Rockercasale)
Roccaraso (Rockerraso)
Roccamorice (Rockermorice)
Rocca Santa Maria (Rocker Santa Maria)

2° Rustelle Elettriche Day

AC/DC Abruzzo staff will gather tomorrow in Citta Sant'Angelo (City of Angels) for the Second "Electric Rustelle night". There will be a secret general meeting to establish the guidelines for Project Australia and the forthcoming collaboration with the KOSP. The Agenda will be disccussed in front of hundreds of "arrosticinis" and several bottles of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo.

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