Sunday, November 1, 2009


The Kosp

The President: "AC/DC Abruzzo is delighted to have the opportunity to work with a mentor and spiritual guide like the KOSP for the continuation of the AC/DC Black Ice World Tour. The KOSP has great charisma and sense of clarity. He started a cultural revolution in the way he conceives Rock'n'Roll and rock hardcore fan lifestyle. It's like he managed to bring back the traditional spirit of Rock'n'Roll excess from the '70s combining with business mentality, meticulous planning and new technologies. It's a privilege to work with him."

The Secretary General: "We met the Kosp for the first time in Stockholm, back in February after meeting Brian and Cliff. He was talking with his old friends, about all sorts of subjects with amazing naturalness, from guitar playing to girls pick-up techniques. Brian and Cliff just loved him. Then he took us to a club to celebrate the beginning of AC/DC European tour. We will never forget how many beautiful blond girls he had around him that night."

The President: "The true epiphany for us took place in Dublin last June. There, we really saw the Kosp at his best and we truly appreciated his rock'n'roll philosophy. Concerts, business, women, soft porn, guitars, luxury hotels, groupies, world travels... "

The Secretary General: "Beside being a guru and a pick up artist he's an incredible guitar player. He's also very humble. He doesn't have a band and prefers to operate "behind the scenes". He's a leader. We're privileged to know this man and work for him. He's very inspiring for us."

The President: "He will teach us how to redefine our lifestyle and live like rockstars. You don't need a band to do it. We believe this partnership will take Project AC/DC Abruzzo to the next level."

Rocco Siffredi: "He is the King Of Soft Porn!"

AC/DC Abruzzo with actor Rocco Siffredi

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