Tuesday, December 22, 2009


AC/DC Abruzzo is still working on the preparation of the AUSTRALIAN tour. Not easy... But we definitely stick to our guns. Project Australia must HAPPEN.

We are also eagerly waiting for the confirmation of the remaining dates for the 2010 European tour. For the moment only Sofia May 14, 2010 was officially confirmed. We doubt the tour will end in Berlin. Maybe some club/intimate gigs like in 2003... We talked to Ross Young here in Sydney a few days ago. He confirmed the next one MIGHT be the last album...

We also received the report of the Argentinian adventures of a good friend of AC/DC Abruzzo: Monkey64... We got in touch with this crazy guy at the beginning of the European tour and we've been exchanging emails since then. Ironically, we were at many concerts during the European tour but never met in person... He definitely shares AC/DC Abruzzo's founding principles and got the rockstar lifestyle and attitude we also have...

Here's his story:

Argentinian Chronicles: Pogo for life...

When I attended my first rock festival in Argentina in 2003, I knew the sacred fire of rock'n'roll was pouring in the Argentines' blood. Since then, seeing Ac/Dc in Argentina (or Chile.. ) was in top position in my list of things to do before I die, the combination of the best crowd in the world with the best live band in the world. Yes, I'm talking about serious life goals here.

December 2nd.

No pitch ticket this time, bought an official seated ticket at the gates, but had I waited a bit longer I could have bought a pitch ticket as they started to sell those as well. Oh well. It's tough to be an ac/dc addict.

" First I thought, what a douchebag, who still wears aviator shades in 2009, then I was blown away by his flamboyant haircut and utter confidence with the girls. This guy is awesome. He must be an apprentice of the KOSP... Or maybe the Kosp himself...."

As expected, the crowd delivers, they're all jumping around like maniacs, in the field and on their seats. Planes are taking off and landing above the stadium, people are lighting freakin flares in the freaking crowd! It's just unreal.

"This is the car of the guy you saw earlier. The KOSPMOBILE"

December 4th

I head to the stadium early, and find Kiyossan (another crazy fan from Japan!!) waiting in line. Perfect, I ninja my way into the line. Waiting in the line with the other fans is the best. This is pogo time. According to Kiyossan who was in the field for day 1, it's gonna be tough, lots of pushing and crowd movement.

It isn't that bad, nobody is passing out like in Paris , but the crowd is wild because of the DVD recording. Even during The Jack there was a lot of pushing like you can tell from this vid. And watch that crazy/brave girl's reactions when she decides to occupy centre stage... AHAHAHAH


The most fascinating phenomenon I witnessed in these three days in Argentina is by far the POGO VORTEX... It is known in Europe too but here it reaches absolute perfection. It starts when three or more people use their strength to create an opening in the packed crowd. Then the pinball effect starts.... During the intro of Whole Lotta Rosie, they started to make small openings, then suddenly people around were like "Oh shit, pogo incoming, I don't want any part of this" then the circle would get bigger and bigger and sustain itself as more people would try to get away from it. Here's a video of this interesting phenomenon... (You can see fear in my eyes... and Lots of adrenaline...)

Look at this guy doing the patented Rolling On The Floor Like Angus ( ROTLFA ! ). The smile on their face is just representative of this whole trip to Argentina!

December 6th

Every muscle of my body hurts. Still one concert to go. My strategy is to relax, get to the stadium late while the people are getting tired of jumping between songs,and enjoy the first songs from a distance while the crowd is unleashing the fury, then use my ninja skills to navigate to the stage and enjoy the moshpitt.

The crowd is no where near as excited as during the second concert but still pretty wild. So here's the last vid from the second concert ! I salute you! Fire! Legendary experience... Soon on DVD!!


  1. Hi Guys ,
    about the folowing comment "We talked to Ross Young here in Sydney a few days ago. He confirmed the next one MIGHT be the last album..."

    are we you saying they are going to myabe bringing out a another studio album?

  2. @ Anonymous person:

    I'll bet serious money that there will be an upcoming AC/DC studio album. Malcolm Young has said so himself while talking with an esteemed AC/DC fanclub member known as backnblack, which I saw on youtube awhile ago. I'll dig around for the link sometime and post it here if i remember.

  3. We wouldnìt bet serious money after what happened during the break between SUL and BI but from what we've heard from Ross etc. there will probably be another studio album...
    Don't shoot the messenger...