Friday, March 27, 2009


Rocco 'n' Rollo è indiscutibilmente una delle maggiori guide spirituali e ispiratrici del progetto di AC/DC Abruzzo. E' un'icona dello spirito abruzzese verace abbinato alla chitarra (sia elettrica che con le pallottine!!!)

Lo staff al completo ha avuto l'onore di incontrare lo storico rocker di Cocullo, dal cuore forte e gentile, dalla tempra granitica e dal carattere abbruzzesissimo al concerto degli AC/DC (Assiddissì, in losangelino) di Milano del 21 marzo. Questo incredibile ed imprevisto evento ci ha rinvigoriti nel cuore e nello spirito e ci ha dato un nuovo slancio nel nostro proposito di essere forieri nel mondo del vero spirito abruzzese, utilizzando il rock'n'roll come strumento privilegiato per raggiungere questo obiettivo!

Ecco in esclusiva per voi le foto esclusive e il video del mit en grit storico di AC/DC Abruzzo con Rocco 'n' Rollo!!! 


Rocco con il Presidente Matteo e il Segretario Generale Stefano (ex-inviato speciale) di AC/DC Abruzzo prima del concerto degli ASSIDDISSI' a Milano il 21 marzo 2009

Rocco con il consulente informatico Gianni e il Vicepresidente Andrea


Thursday, March 26, 2009


AC/DC Abruzzo has spent most of the last 48 hours in its Budapest post-sovietic bunker sorting out hundreds of photos, videos and planning the strategy for the 3 shows before the break. It's definitely not an easy job but someone has to do it. The accounting situation was another delicate issue on AC/DC's Abruzzo agenda. The recession forced us to skip the 2 German shows and left us in this Hungarian "limbo". We are struggling to find a way out.

Yesterday night, we visited an old friend of ours, Isti, met in England in 2001. We ended up drinking local Hungarian wines (and liquors) with other friends while watching this video about this WW2 tank on display that was unexpectedly started by protestors during a demonstration a few years ago.

Apparently, young Hungarians really get excited watching this.  Much more than watching porn, which is supposed to be one of the main products of Hungary. Porn has probably lost all its appeal due to the fact that you can find porn dvds, wrapped in red plastic, even in supermarkets here in Budapest.

Some of you asked why we listed the Abruzzese hit "Vola Vola" in our poll on the songs you would like to hear live. The reason is that some people claim that if you play certain parts of some specific Black Ice tracks backwards you get to hear this song. Apparently it is a tribute to Abruzzo by Angus and co. We don't know if this is true but 11% of respondents would like to hear AC/DC playing this song! Here's a classic version of Vola Vola for those who don't know it with a promotional clip of our beloved Abruzzo!

It ain't easy
Livin' like a gypsy
Tell ya honey how i feel
I've been dreamin'
Floatin' down the streamin'
Losin' touch with all that's real
(Steven Tyler - MAMA KIN - 1973)

Finally, Happy Birthday from AC/DC Abruzzo to Steven Tyler, personal friend of Brian and of the band, who celebrates his 61st birthday today!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I was shakin' at the knees
Could I come again, please?

As some of you already know AC/DC Abruzzo met Angus and Malcolm several times during the European tour. And each time was unique and special. But the most intense was definetely our first time. In Bruxelles, Belgium twenty days ago....

When we first spotted Angus we immediately experienced sudden tachycardia. Angus was extremely kind and polite with us. He signed our AC/DC Abruzzo Official flag and took pictures with us. He listened to every word we had to tell him. We thanked him heartedly for this European tour which we are following with dedication. He looked happy for us. Unfortunately, on our first encounter, there was no opportunity to give Angus a present from Abruzzo like we did for Brian but this will be arranged later on.

Malcolm was also very friendly and took pictures with us. We talked a little bit more with him and told him how much we missed them in the last 5 years. He replied that they missed us too. We mentioned the 2003 Hammersmith gig, an epiphany for us, which he remembered and commented briefly. Malcolm looks very professional and concentrated even when he meets fans. At times he looks a bit intimidating but he's always very friendly and kind.

Beside that this is what we felt after the meeting with Angus: the President's legs started shaking when Angus was seen approaching us and kept shaking for 5 more minutes after he left. On the other hand, the Special Envoy felt like crying while hugging him before the photo, intensely but gently, like a child would do with his favourite and beloved Teddy bear.

Meeting the Young brothers for the first time is a unique experience. Especially Angus who has been always an icon! Just thinking of what he has done for music and rock'n'roll for the past 35 years gives you goosebumps. But when you shake his hand and talk to him, for the first time, looking at him in the eye you really feel something special and indescribable. You feel Rock'n'Roll!



Last Saturday before the second show in Milan AC/DC ITALIA's Staff Gabriele and Marco awarded AC/DC with a commemorative plate on behalf of all Italian fans. AC/DC Abruzzo's Vice President Andrea was also present at the historic event.
This gesture summarizes the Italian passion and gratitude for AC/DC's music and live tours.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yesterday it was a cold and rainy night in Budapest. Great show although it was clear to us that the band was a bit tired (especially Brian). Probably because of the frantic Milan weekend... More details soon.

AC/DC Abruzzo staff really feel TANDE STRACC (very tired) after 12 shows. We'll now take a few day break resting and relaxing in our Budapest headquarters, sorting out hundreds of photos, videos and working on the missing reports for our fans. 

Next show for AC/DC Abruzzo will be Zurich! 


Monday, March 23, 2009


AC/DC ABRUZZO would like to ask all our fans and supporters to send us photos and videos (links to YouTube etc.) of all the European shows (we've been to 12 so far) and especially Milan where you can see our Italian flag (the same one you get to see in the ANYTHING GOES official video!). All the pictures and videos will be posted on our Facebook group. GRAZIE!!!!

AC/DC Abruzzo chiede a tutti i suoi fan e sostenitori di inviare foto dei concerti e i video (Youtube etc.) in Europa (12 finora) e a Milano in cui si vede la nostra bandiera Italiana (la stessa che appare nel video ufficiale di ANYTHING GOES). Tutte le foto e i link verranno postati sul nostro Gruppo Facebook. Grazie!


AC/DC ABRUZZO arrived today in Budapest. We have all sorts of muscular pains and more bruises than after the Paris show... But we are content.
At the airport we met two of the most hardcore AC/DC fans who checked our copy of Arnaud Duriex's biography in Italian to see if everything was in the right place. It's great to be on the road with these people, with so many rock'n'roll stories... One of them even confessed us that he saw the Rolling Stones in 1963 in UK in his teenage... !?!?!? It's only rock'n'roll but we like it, yes we do!
Here's for you a videoclip of Highway To Hell at the Forum in Milan last Saturday. Amazing performance. And look at the audience!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

MILAN MAR 21, 2009

It's official: tonight's crowd in Milan was the best of the entire European tour! The band looked even surprised by the energy of the Italian crowd! Reports, pics and videos coming soon.

Congratulations to AC/DC Italia for their good work today! They reaped the results of their hard work and dedication thruout the last six years. We salute them!

As for AC/DC Abruzzo, this was our 11th show in this European tour. Sometimes we feel weak, tired and even a bit discouraged. But seeing Angus on stage everynight, coming from the train with his uniform gives us the energy to continue with our rock'n'roll journey. Especially after 5 year of waiting. Rock'n'roll is not only about the music. It's also about a lifestyle. It's about having the balls to swim against the tide and do things ordinary people will never understand.
See you in Budapest!