Saturday, June 13, 2009


WOW! What a show!!! We finally got to see the "heaven on earth for rock'n'roll" Brian was talking about in 2001... There's no doubt Paris is magic when it comes to rock'n'roll and AC/DC and attending a show at the Stade De France is always a unique experience! The Majestic soccer Stadium was filled to the brim, even the last level of seats. 80,000 people! It was a wonderful view, even for us who were in the Pelouse Or section (FOS).

The boys really rocked! Excellent performance! The audience was definetely loud and wild although, honestly, we had expected a bit more, having seen the video bootlegs from the 2001 concert. But it was a different "context" considering that it was the last leg of the tour... But everybody seemed to have a great time. As we had told you before no setlist change. I guess nothing will happen before Glasgow. So be it!

AC/DC Abruzzo Stirring Committee spent the entire night with the AC/DC  Italia Staff, just like in Barcelona, and we had a hell of a time together with our Italian flags and Devil's tridents during the show. If you were at the show we're sure you didn't miss that!! AH AH AH AH We got again the thumbs up from Angus during Rock'n'Roll train and even Brian came to play with our tridents several times... We apologise if the view was obstructed at times, but hey, we got the seal of approval from the boys! Besides, we also had to remind the French, after they stole a couple of cups in 1998 and 2000, who are the WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!  And we took the opportunity in St.Denis!! AH AH AH!

Ciao from Paris. 

Friday, June 12, 2009

BREAKING NEWS from Paris!!!

After hearing the rumours about a possible performance of an extra song in Paris AC/DC Abruzzo Stirring Committee decided to deploy the emergency taskforce exceptionally for the first time since Munich. The President immediately reached the French Capital while the Secretary General will arrive tomorrow from London.

Once in Paris the President met with the special correspondent Orangus and discussed the previous conversation that took place between him and Cliff. The unanimous decision to look for Malcolm and seek for explanation was made.

Unfortunately, the AC/DC Pezzonovanta was impossible to find but Orangus and the President did manage to meet with Brian. Brian showed up, with his charming Abruzzese-like attitude, singing a nice song in French. The President took the opportunity to thank him for this memorable tour, a true gift to all the real fans, and to ask him about the special bottle of wine that was delivered to him in Stockholm (which he said he drank and liked a lot). On the contrary, Orangus asked him bluntly about the RIDE ON rumour. Brian, like a father to his son, very gently and diplomatically, made us understand that this will be a remote option.

The President later met also with Cliff, dressed to kill like an old school coureur the jupons, ready for the Parisian night. When he recognised AC/DC Abruzzo's President he smiled and hugged him like an old friend! When asked about the setlist he confirmed in a very clear and incontrovertible manner that there won't be any surprise tomorrow. Ride on won't be played and there won't be any setlist change.

TANT PIS! A demain au Stade De France.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

AC/DC will change the setlist tomorrow?

We just received a message from one of our correspondants in the field, Orangus, saying that he met Cliff in Paris yesterday night. He got the balls to ask him to add Ride On to the setlist, like they did in 2001. Apparently, according to Orangus, Cliff's bodylanguage confirmed they're going to do something different. Orangus is a BL expert but AC/DC Abruzzo obviously remains very skeptical. Please don't shoot the messenger!! 
Reportedely, BD Man keeps having a very unprofessional behaviour: he is still lost somewhere in the Aveyron countryside eating large quantities of local food (i.e.. fricandeau, farçous, aligot et confit de canard with his French friends... He should be in Paris tonight.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


AC/DC Abruzzo and AC/DC Italia got ANGUS YOUNG'S thumbs up during LET THERE BE ROCK in Barcelona!!!!! The Emperor of Rock'n'Roll gave us his seal of approval in front of 40,000 people after seeing our Italian flag!!!


Watch it here (4 min 07 sec and 4 min 015 in)!!

Still no news about our correspondants. According to witnesses they were spotted together in the Marseille Velodrome partying with local groupies and French diehard fans. AC/DC Abruzzo strongly condemns their unprofessional behaviour.



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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO from Barcelona!

Unfortunately we lost contact again with our correspondants from the road. Apparently, they are already on the road to Marseille, maybe together. The last message we got was: "Hotel Motel, make you wanna cry"... 

The backdoor man managed to send us this amazing video from the pit of Whole lotta Rosie showing how the boys were in excellent shape the other night. And look at Angus! Enjoy!

Monday, June 8, 2009


This just in from our special correspondants:

Backdoor man: "Amazing show! After having seen so many indoor shows I wouldn't have never believed I could see Angus playing with such energy in a stadium too! The show was much better than in Germany. Crazy crowd. Very good sound. But the band!? Oh my God! It actually remembered me of the show in Palau St.Jordi in March, when Brian was totally on fire and Angus played like the destiny of the planet depended on it! The first 2 songs he used the catwalk immediately and you could see from his face he was really serious about giving the audience the best performance he could. Brian got so carried away by the power of rock'n'roll that at a certain point during the encores he JUMPED OFF the stage, while wearing a Barcelona FC shirt and started to interact with the audience (see photo) like the great rocker he is. Just Amazing!! We felt rock'n'roll!!"
Complete report, pics and videos from the Backdoor Man exclusively for AC/DC Abruzzo coming soon... More exclusive material will be sent to
Orangus: "Really bad acoustics again. Definitely not one of their best concert! By the way the other day quotation about the bocce (who also means boobs in Italian) was by Toscanini not Paganini! Ignorants..,"



Brian "Lu Mattarill"