Saturday, June 20, 2009


Still thinking about Paris... What a great night for rock'n'roll! Here's some beautiful pictures taken by our friends of from the wonderful Stade De France gig! 

In the meantime the European Stadium tour goes on in the Scandinavian countries before heading back to the UK for the Grand Finale! 

15 Jun 2009, Oslo, Valle Hovin
17 Jun 2009, Helsinki,FI Olympic Stadium
19 Jun 2009 Copenhagen, DK Parken
21 Jun 2009 Gothenberg, SE Ullevi Stadium

Apparently it was pretty cool up there since the whole show was played in the daylight, for obvious geographical reasons... 

Last but not least, for the record, and for the sake of accuracy, here's the setlist for the past (and future) shows. :-)

1. Rock'n'roll Train
2. Hell ain't a Bad Place to Be
3. Back in Black
4. Big Jack
5. Dirty Deeds
6. Shot Down in Flames
7. Thunderstruck
8. Black Ice
9. The Jack
10. Hell's Bells
11. Shoot to Thrill
12. War Machine
13. Dog Eat Dog
14. Anything Goes
15. You Shook Me All Night Long
16. TNT
17. Whole Lotta Rosie
18. Let there be Rock
19. Highway to Hell
20. For Those About to Rock

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


You never know who you are going to meet on Les Champs Elysées in Paris. Especially the day after a historic rock show at the Stade De France with 76,000 AC/DC fans...

Well, first AC/DC Abruzzo and AC/DC Italia bumped into this crazy fan! After seeing Capriele's tattoo on his arm he insisted to show us HIS tattoo...

WOW! This is a diehard fan!!! Interestingly, this proved to be a very good omen because, after a few minutes, we bumped into Phil "Terminator" Rudd!!! What a old school rocker! Always with the right amount of meannness! A real "faccia da culo" of rock'n'roll.

We almost get excited when we meet him. Obviously, after so many shows AC/DC Abruzzo learned how to deal with him. Phil is a friend of ours, with a bit of nasty rural Abruzzese attitude... We just love him!

And by the way look closer at his t-shirt... Certain things are just meant to happen... AH AH AH AH AH AH

Monday, June 15, 2009


AC/DC Italia's and AC/DC Abruzzo's teamwork proved again very fruitful in Paris! After the memorable show at Stade de France a delegation from both sites managed to meet with Angus. We thanked him and quickly talked about a variety of subjects, from the Italian flag following AC/DC around the world to the Tea offered to Angus in Madrid... Angus is one of the coolest people you can meet on this planet!
BTW we also started to do some diplomatic lobbying for the setlist change, mentioning what most diehard fans have been recently telling us...We keep our fingers crossed...

Gabriele, Angus, Andrea and Matteo

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Paris Stade de France bowing before the BIG ITALIAN FLAG!!! 
Look at Brian pointing his finger at us (0.35 sec in) while Gabriele, Marcom from AC/DC Italia and the AC/DC Abruzzo staff are raising the flag proudly.
We wonder if Zidane was at the show!