Saturday, July 25, 2009


Even if the meeting took place not too far from Hollywood last year it's not a casting for a remake of one of the best movies by Sergio Leone (although these faces would be perfect for a Spaghetti Western! AH AH AH). Thanks to Kosp for sending this cool picture.

For the record, we just learned that AC/DC Abruzzo's correspondant Orangus, aka Belfagor, is currently on an ALITALIA flight heading to New York JFK...  Good luck for this new adventure!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


("I came, I saw, I conquered")
Julius Caesar

Taking a look at our friends' profiles on Facebook and at the pictures with the band members posted on the Internet by other fans around the world we noticed a pattern. Most hard core fans only managed to take photos with Angus, Brian, Cliff and Malcolm during the last tour. But why is Phil "Terminator" Rudd so rarely found next to a fan in a picture? There are many theories circulating but we will not focus on them this time. Nevertheless, it is a fact that only a very small group of fans can boast a photo with one of the meanest and coolest drummers of the history of rock'n'roll.

AC/DC Abruzzo Stirring Committee is gladly part of this small group of privileged fans. But how was this possible? Here's our secret techniques revealed exclusively for AC/DC Abruzzo blog readers!


First of all, you have to embrace AC/DC Abruzzo's philosophy and believe in our core principle (i.e."Impossible is nothing"). Then, you have to prepare yourself to work pretty hard.

To start, there are a few books that must be read attentively to obtain the necessary theoretical background and understand the psychology of the target. These preparatory readings are:

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

The History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides

Maximum Rock 'n' Roll by Arnaud Durieux, Murray Engleheart

The Game by Neil Strauss

Playboy: 50 Years: The Photographs by James R. Petersen

While understanding and learning warfare techniques, AC/DC history, pickup strategies and the inspirational qualities of big breasts it is also essential to train actively in the gym. Several sessions are required to improve your physical strength, responsiveness and stamina.

AC/DC Abruzzo working out before the Milan shows in March

Then, you will have to focus on your target. Gather personal information and anecdotes about Phil from reliable sources. Watch as many interviews as possible, such as this one:

Once the preparation and the training are complete you MUST go in the field. At least a dozen AC/DC shows must be attended and Phil must be observed carefully. Especially, pay particular attention to the final "horns gesture" he does to greet the fans after the end of FTATR. If he raises his hand high waiving at the audience it means he enjoyed playing there (this happened in only in Paris Bercy, Milan Forum, Dublin 02 and a few others). This is a sign showing that Phil will have a more "flexible attitude" with fans the following day. Prepare to attack.

AC/DC Abruzzo decided to make the decisive move in Dublin, in April after a few months of observation and training (and two failed attempts in Paris and Milan which resulted only in autographs).

Once we spotted the target, we immediately identified the weak points linked to location, presence of bodyguards, possible escape lines etc. After assessing quickly all these factors we decided to implement the classical PINCER MOVEMENT technique.

The President approached the target from the front and said "Hello Phil, we are two fans from Italy, would it be possible to take a quick photo with you?". In the meantime the Secretary General had taken position in the rear closing all paths to escape. The potential obstacles had been all disarmed previously. The target looked around for a few seconds then understood he had to surrender. "Sure, my dear!", he replied. Victory was ours. We took our trophy photos. "Thank you very much, Phil. Great show yesterday by the way!".

The first student to reap the fruits of AC/DC Abruzzo's tutorial was Mathieu from Marseille, an apprentice and good friend of ours, who managed to take this picture with Phil on Les Champs Elysées in Paris last June thanks to our assistance and guidelines.

Monday, July 20, 2009


After the declaration of love made by Madonna during her show in Milan a few days ago thanking God her father was from Abruzzo (the town is called Pacentro) and the donation of 500,000$ for the reconstruction of the cities destroyed by the earthquake, Bruce Springsteen also paid homage to the strong and gentle people of this region. Yesterday night, in Rome he dedicated an entire song to Abruzzo (My City of Ruins, originally written for the 9/11 events). According to the press, guitarist "under boss" Steve Van Zandt, also known as Silvio Dante, met with some fans from Abruzzo outside a radio station... They listened to their stories and later on persuaded the Boss to play something special... It's a real shame AC/DC didn't play this summer in Italy...