Saturday, August 15, 2009


The most hard core fans around the world will surely remember what happened exactly one year ago in London...

Only a few hundred fans were granted the privilege to attend the shoot of the first AC/DC video since 2001. The long journey around the world of the ROCK'N'ROLL TRAIN had started... 

Although there was no official announcement by Sony or the band on the album release that was a clear sign that AC/DC were finally back after 5 long years!



AC/DC ABRUZZO Secretary General (Old School Rebel) in the video 

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Albany August 2, 2009 Times Union Center

Hi guys, I’m really sad you missed this. I now you’re not jealous people so I’ll tell you that probably this was the best AC/DC concert of my life (as you know I saw more than 40 shows. Maybe the Circus Crowne's 2003 setlist was slightly better).

Late in the afternoon I bought a ground floor ticket at the box office. I specifically asked that the seat was near the aisle (sector 5, row a, seat 14). When I entered the venue, by my surprise, I found out that it was a very small section, almost half of the forum of Assago in Milan. My spot was just one seat away from the catwalk. Once the concert started Brian came straight to me and shook my hand! (I'm sure he remembers me from our meeting in Paris when we tried to convince him to play Ride On again). The sound was just perfect. Really, I couldn’t get a better seat than this.

The audience was great this time (even if they didn't sing Rosie at all). After the show everybody was cheering and screaming like crazy. I actually thought there was some special event or aftershow party outside. In fact people were just amazingly happy because of the show.

I also managed to meet and talk to some guys who attended the legendary Roseland Ballroom show in 2003 in NYC. Great stories. Although they really loved tonight's show obviously that concert was just in another league…


EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ Giants Stadium July 31, 2009

Ciao guys,

Yesterday I arrived in my the hotel at 4am and didn’t have the time to write anything, so sorry about that. I almost met Francesca (one of AC/DC Abruzzo's groupie LOL) but there was a last minute problem. By the way, I saw and talked to a Mariah Carey lookalike in the NYC metro today.

I arrived to the Giants Stadium at the very last minute, just like I did for most of the 30 shows I did in Europe. No Ground floor tickets were available so I had to buy a seated ticket for 11$ from a nice guy who actually wanted to give it to me for free. I tried to get to the floor area by using my Italian charm and other AC/DC Abruzzo fieldtested techniques but they didn't work.

Basically, I ended up on the most central spot of the first level of seats. I really felt like Nero the Emperor in the Coliseum. Really a nice feeling although there was no Gladiators show or Hail Caesar added to the setlist. The audience was much colder than the one in Boston but the concert was just great. Excellent acoustics in the stadium, I would say that the sound was one of the best of the entire open air tour. The boys were on fire. I'm sorry you guys were not there. I’m sure some of you might have had something to say about the audience, maybe a bit cold. Before Thunderstruck Brian said something like “Here’s a song from the last album” and then “oops, a little mistake”.

For the record, I heard rumours saying that Rudolf Giuliani and Arnold Schwartznegger are working on a bill in building an AC/DC Memorial in Washington, DC and replace Statue of Liberty with the Angus Statue.

Today I went to eat in Little Italy. There, I met Phil who told me that Italy didn't deserve to win the World Cup in 2006, So a fight broke out. Thanks to the help of some local “wiseguys” and “friends of ours” and we beat him up for good. Just kidding...