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The Rock'n'roll camper van/tourbus

After the end of the tour, the AC/DC Abruzzo Steering Committee found a good reason to get back on the road for another rock'n'roll adventure. The International AC/DC fan meeting in Geiselwind, Germany organised by the German and Austrian fan clubs and Daily Dirt.

On 14 October we left Roseto degli Abruzzi with a rock'n'roll camper full of food and brand new copies of the Black Ice book. We made a stop in Ospitaletto, near Milan to meet with AC/DC Italia's executive Marcom and discuss antidotes to the withdrawal crisis w've been all experiencing after the last AC/DC gig in Bilbao.

The following day, we hit the road again. After 1300 km we arrived in Geiselwind, one of those small villages of Bavaria where beer is cheaper than water... It was pretty cool to see all those familiar faces again at such well organized meeting. From Stonebreaker to Thomas, from Patrick to Juergen (and many many more!). After travelling the world to see AC/DC we were all there to party and have fun together. There was a nice record fair and then concerts! And at night we got three different cover bands, probably among the best in Europe.

We missed all the others who were at the Berlin pregig party though: from the Rock'n'roll nonno, who couldn't make it, to Ross The Boss, who was home celebreating his birthday! By the way... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ROSS!!!

The following day we made a short stop in Munich and then another stop in the Trento area, in the North of Italy. You can find some of the best wine makers of the world in this region...

Hardcore fans meeting again...

Hole full of love... with the singer performing Bon Scott TV fashion

The packaging station in the camper van

Good times with Ross "The Boss"Young and Fifa Riccobono in Melbourne

HAMMERSMITH THEATRE, London 21 October 2003

Today it's the 7th anniversary of the rock'n'roll show that changed our lives...
For those about to Rock we Salute You!

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It was announced to us last June in Berlin the day before the AC/DC gig at the Olympiastadion. The German fans have kept their word: they will organise the biggest fan meeting in the world after the end of the Black Ice Tour!

It will take place in Geiselwind in Bavaria on 15 and 16 October with a series of special AC/DC-related events including a big record fair and several cover band concerts. Hundreds of fans from all over Europe will be there to party together in the name of Rock'n'Roll and AC/DC!

AC/DC Abruzzo will participate in the fan meeting and will also take the opportunity to introduce the BLACK ICE WORLD TOUR 2008-2010 PHOTO BOOK to the International fan community. The book, which will be released worldwide on 15 October, can be viewed and purchased by all the fans who will visit us during the record fair on Saturday, obviously avoiding extra charges for shipping and handling.


For further information about the event:

Or contact Juergen:

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Six-page section of the book dedicated to all AC/DC fans around the world

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AC/DC Abruzzo conquer Mt. Gran Sasso (The Big Stone)

No more AC/DC concerts. No more trips around the world. No more exotic food. No more exotic girls. No more challenges. No more adrenaline... Despite the making of the Black Ice photo book, life was getting a bit boring after the end of the Black Ice World Tour. So the boys in AC/DC Abruzzo decided to meet again for another enterprise. To conquer the highest peak of the Gran Sasso Mountain and the Apennines, the Corno Grande (The Big Horn) 2912 m above sea level.

On August 19, Matteo, Stefano, Andrea, Alessandra and Marco, after spending the night in tents near Campo Imperatore, started climbing the last part of the "Little Tibet of Abruzzo" at 2 am and managed to reach the peak at 6 am. Just in time to witness the enchanting sunrise...

What now?

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Preview of the Black Ice World Tour 2008-2010 Photo Book on the official AC/DC website (Italian version).

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We proudly present the official book cover of the BLACK ICE WORLD TOUR PHOTO BOOK which will be officially available on 15 October 2010 .

Extra exclusive photos from the following concerts were added:

30 Oct '08 - Chicago, IL - Allstate Arena
01 Nov '08- Chicago, IL - Allstate Arena
03 Nov '08- Indianapolis, IN - Conseco Fieldhouse
13 Nov '08- New York, NY - Madison Square Garden
Dec 02, 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina River Plate Stadium
Mar 12 2010 Saitama Japan Saitama Super Arena
Mar 14 2010 Saitama Japan Saitama Super Arena

The book will be sold ONLINE and it will NOT be available in book stores. It will be a LIMITED EDITION collector's item. You can still secure your copy pre-ordering it here via paypal or by sending an email to

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The AC/DC Black Ice World Tour 2008-2010 Photo Book will be released on October 15. You can pre-order and secure a copy of this LIMITED EDITION book for €65 on this page by using the Paypal button below. For other methods of payment please contact us via email.

-Photos from more than 30 shows around the world including special sections for the private show in Wilkes Barre, October 26, 2008, O2 Arena London April 2009, Sydney, February 2010, and the Italian show in Udine, May 19 2010 (pro-quality photos)
-Special section "Photos with the fans"
-Professionally printed on a very limited number of copies
-Large Format
30x25 cm
-160+ pages
-Coated/protected heavy silk paper
-Strictly limited edition - Collector's item

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"I love Italian food" - Brian Johnson

Today is the second anniversary of the official come back of AC/DC almost 5 years for the video shoot of Rock'n'Roll Train in London. After that there was the Black Ice album and the Black Ice World Tour. For us it was the realization of the Rock'n'Roll Dream.

But how did we make it possible? We already told you some of our secrets... But there's more... It was during the first encounter with Brian Johnson in Stockholm that we had the inspiration about our ambitious project. In fact Brian gave us a real lesson on how to build the rockstar lifestyle laying down the founding principles of AC/DC Abruzzo.

During the two hours we spent with him and Cliff, Brian explained everything we had to know about SEX, FOOD (MANGIARE) and ROCK'N'ROLL. In the following 15 months we applied his teachings (together with those of the Kosp and KK and other mentors). And it was a glorious time...

So thank you Brian and thank you AC/DC!

This abridged version of Brian Johnson's lecture and explanatory video is endorsed by KK and the Kosp and his assistants and it is considered as a valuable educational instrument for those about to rock around the world with AC/DC

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Tomorrow, 15 August, it's the second anniversary of AC/DC's comeback after 5 years of waiting. Exactly 2 years ago the whole band met in London for the video shoot of the Rock'n'Roll Train video with a few lucky fans from all over the world. We were there. And that was just the first step of an incredibly long trek around the world with AC/DC. And the beginning of our blog...

To celebrate this anniversary tomorrow we will post a special video message from Brian to our blog readers from our first meeting with him, which definitely inspired all our adventures around the world in the last two years. "The Founding Principles of AC/DC Abruzzo". See you tomorrow!


Since we had so many exclusive photos and material from the Black Ice tour we decided to opt for a bigger format and make a real deluxe limited edition coffee table book (30cmx25cm), similar to the huge BackTracks book. The AC/DC Abruzzo Photo Book will be ready in September and started to be delivered in October.

You can preorder your copy for €65+ S/H by using the PAYPAL button below or by contacting us via email to this address for other methods of payment.

AC/DC BLACK ICE WORLD TOUR Photo Book + Shipping/Handling

AC/DC BLACK ICE WORLD TOUR Photo Book + Shipping/Handling

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PERTH, Australia March 9, 2010

AC/DC Abruzzo: Hi Angus, we just wanted to thank you for this amazing tour. It's been fantastic!
Angus Young: Thanks. You're Abruzzo, aren't you? (smiling)
AC/DC Abruzzo: ... :O

This was the last meeting with Angus in Australia. We also met him in Europe in 2009 and 2010, but in Perth for some reason, it was something special. In Australia you can feel the presence of Bon and the true essence of AC/DC more then anywhere else... It was one of those unforgettable moments of this tour that we'll treasure forever.

Unforgettable. Just like when we met our good friend Yann from France outside the San Mames stadium in Bilbao on June 28 before the show. He explained to us how AC/DC Abruzzo had been important for all those hard core fans who had managed to follow the tour thanks to us. He showed us he was literally having goosebumps thinking of what we had accomplished on behalf of the fan community, in the name of AC/DC and Rock'n'Roll...

When we think about moments like these, about Angus' smile or Yann's grateful look, about all the wonderful memories we've gathered during the tour and about all the support messages we've received from all over the world in the last 20 months, we get the confirmation that this was the right thing to do in this moment of our lives.

And we also got some tears in our eyes when we realized that the dream from the London Hammersmith show in 2003 finally came true...

Thank you AC/DC!

London, Hammersmith Theater October 20, 2003 - The soundcheck - The first Rock'n'Roll epiphany

London, Hammersmith Theater October 21, 2003 - A few minutes after the gig -The genesis of the dream

With young Orangus - The Ticket Master

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"We've been around the world. We've seen a million girls..."

What now? This has been the most recurring question since the last show in Bilbao. Before wrapping up with AC/DC Abruzzo Blog and posting the exclusive message of Brian Johnson for our readers as we've promised, here's an update about the boys of AC/DC Abruzzo and about some of our craziest friends. What happened to them?

Back in Roseto degli Abruzzi he's now looking for a job as a sommelier in a luxury hotel/restaurant. He's seriously considering to work at the local Ritz...

He's back in Città Sant'Angelo. He got back to his full time job at Villa Serena, the famous mental institution of Abruzzo. His dream is to solve his conflict of interest like Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi did and become President of both AC/DC Italia and AC/DC Abruzzo.

He's back in Milan to his mysterious underground career. He finally bought a new GPS device to avoid getting lost and arriving late to concerts. He's convinced there will be another tour in 2013.

MARCOM from AC/DC Italia
He's back full time to his family business flying back and forth to the US and Italy selling "technological" socks. He's seriously considering our offer to leave AC/DC Italia and join AC/DC Abruzzo. An offer he can't refuse...

MARK from Vancouver (aka BigJack5)
Back to his furniture business and rock'n'roll family in Canada. He secretly hopes the next album will be recorded in Vancouver again. He's still shocked by the fact that the Abruzzo region really exists...

(SHOOT TO) PHIL from Belgium
Got engaged to French "inflatable" Rosie, whom he met at the after show party in Paris last month. They moved to the Loire Valley and now live happily together. This broke Orangus' heart.

Michel is back to his real job and family guy life. He's got now plenty of time to print silly t-shirts (which is his favourite hobby). Rock'n'Roll Nonno got back to his grandchildren and his passion for sports. He couldn't resist the temptation to visit Abruzzo and booked a flight to Pescara for August 5.

Well, the President has been working around the clock on his "legitimate" business as well as on the AC/DC Abruzzo photobook for the last 3 weeks. He got a third job too, just to try to make ends meet. He's started showing strange bipolar/schizophrenic symptoms (something similar to Jack Nicholson in The Shining). The next AC/DC Abruzzo meeting will probably be organised by the Vice President at the Villa Serena hospital... Just in case...

The dark side of the President

Monday, July 12, 2010


What we had feared a few seconds after the end of For Those About to Rock in Bilbao has become official, as stated by the official website (

After criss-crossing the globe for over 20 months and playing to over 5 million people, AC/DC's Black Ice World Tour came to a close in Bilbao, Spain on June 28, 2010. The Black Ice World Tour took AC/DC to 108 cities in over 28 countries. AC/DC kicked off the tour on the heels of releasing their critically lauded album Black Ice, which soared to the #1 spot on album charts in over 29 countries around the globe. The Black Ice World tour was heralded by fans and critics alike, with the Chicago Tribune calling it “a celebration of all that is great about rock ‘n’ roll,” calling the band’s music as “Rock 'n' roll that outlasts time.” Earlier this year AC/DC’s Black Ice World Tour won a Pollstar Award for Major Tour of the Year.

Yes. According to Pollstar it was the major tour of the year with 1.8 million tickets sold. "No other act has reached 1 million. The band has grossed $177.5 million.". Pretty impressive....

So what now? ... ... We probably need a few more days of reflection...

AC/DC Italia in tears after the Bilbao show

The Vice President trying to fight post-tour depression with irony and sarcasm

The Secretary General feels lost...

The stoic melancholy of the President


Ok. We admit we haven't being doing our homework in Europe on this last leg of the tour... The thing is we got spoiled in Australia with too many girls, to the left and to the right... In Europe it's just harder to pick up. It's a fact. Besides, the Kosp apparently got into a serious monogamous relationship and even KK has slowed down his rockstar lifestyle. So we were left without mentors. But we promise we will get back to our training. Now that the tour is over we have plenty of time...

Most of the readers of the blog that we've met during the European Tour 2010 surprisingly told us that they really appreciated the suggestions from the KOSP. So here's a special technique for you developed during the tour.


"PEACOCK—verb: to dress in loud clothing or with flashy accoutrements in order to get attention from women. Peacocking items include bright shiny shirts, light-up jewelry, feather boas, colorful cowboy hats, or anything else that makes one stand out in a crowd." from THE GAME

Believe it or not, the famous AC/DC Abruzzo flag, which has accompanied us around the world for almost 2 years during the Black Ice tour has also served the purpose of "peacock item". On several occasions we managed to pick up girls who got charmed by our Italian/Abruzzo flag, before and after the show (and even during the show). Girls (and sometimes even guys) cannot resist the temptation to make a comment about the flag so they initiate conversation. This is also an IOI (ie. an indicator of interest). After this you just have to employ the techniques you learned from the Kosp and KK to build attraction and to CLOSE the deal... The best time is after the show because you can take advantage of the post-concert euphoria... Unfortunately, now that there are no more AC/DC shows you will have to use your peacock item (flag, devil's horns etc.) at local cover band gigs...

Norwegian girl wrapping herself in the flag after the show...

French girl grabbing the flag at the Stade De France in Paris (later on the big screens during the Jack)

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BILBAO 2010 - Is this the end?? (part 7)

"Nobody is gonna slow us down"

This was probably the most intense and powerful song of the Bilbao show. The last "Highway to Hell" of the Black Ice tour... We had to use the Devil's fork for this special occasion (Brian loves it!)

In the last few days we've been trying to accept the idea that the tour is over. Not easy. We'll give you an update on what happened to the crazy Abruzzo crew, including Orangus.

And we also have a special surprise from Brian himself. So stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BILBAO 2010 - Is this the end?? (part 6)

"That boy has got the DIABLO in his fingers"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BILBAO 2010 - Is this the end?? (part 5)

During The Jack (with local groupie on the shoulders)

(Photo courtesy of Wholelottamonkey)

On the screens

The next generation of AC/DC fans wants more...

(Photo courtesy of uncle Michel)

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BILBAO 2010 - Is this the end?? (part 4)


Last song of the Black Ice Tour

Friday, July 2, 2010

BILBAO 2010 - Is this the end?? (part 3)



Angus's last epic solo in Bilbao...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

AC/DC Live 28 June Bilbao, ES San Mames Stadium - THE END (part 2)

Rock'n'Roll Train
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
Back in Black
Big Jack
Dirty Deeds
Shot Down In Flames
Black Ice
The Jack (incl Angus strip)
Hells Bells
Shoot to Thrill
War Machine
High Voltage
You Shook Me All Night Long
Whole Lotta Rosie
Let There Be Rock
Highway to Hell
For Those About To Rock

AC/DC Abruzzo Official Report

This is it. The Black Ice Tour is officially over. After 2 days from the final show in Bilbao it's still hard to accept it for AC/DC Abruzzo. The Secretary General realised it was the end when he woke up alone in his hotel room in Bilbao the day after the show. The President as soon as his plane touched ground in Rome. The Vice President when he put the Black Ice Album in his cd player after coming back to Abruzzo yesterday. Orangus... well, Orangus disappeared again...

The last concert in Spain acquired a symbolical meaning for the hard core fans maybe even more than Glasgow 2009, Perth 2010 or Wilkes Barres 2008. And most of them were at the show... In the end, although it might have looked like the same AC/DC show it wasn't. You could tell the band put some extra energy on stage for this final gig. And it was probably one of the best performance of the 2010 tour. Just take a look at the video below...

The San Mames stadium is a small and very old soccer stadium, around 40k people of capacity. And it was totally sold out for the show. It was hard even to see people selling tickets outside. It is in the city centre of Bilbao, so just imagine all the streets totally jammed with crazy Spanish fans drinking beer and doing botellon (less than in Seville though). And a lot of noise and pre-AC/DC concert chaos... (which we'll miss...) It reached the peak one hour before the show, since the Spanish fans prefer to go last minute... Total confusion outside...

But we got in and managed to make our way through the standing section. We ended up on Cliff's side, the classic AC/DC Abruzzo's spot, together with Marco of AC/DC Italia. And we watched the whole show jumping and shouting with the other fans. It was a very good crowd, not as hyperactive as for the best indoor venues in 2009 (i.e. Bercy, O2 Dublin or Milan forum) or Donington but it was pretty good anyway! Jumping, pushing and some crowd surfing too... As said before the performance of the band was one of their best.

It was a great night of rock'n'roll... Stay tuned because tomorrow we'll post more stories and two exclusive videos from the final show of the Black Ice tour in Bilbao...