Wednesday, January 27, 2010


After the official announcement of Donington 2010 the Shoot to Thrill video for Iron Man 2 was also released yesterday. The video is just amazing! Beside Brian's voice that sounds fantastic, almost like in 1980's (AHAHAAH) we really loved the live footage from the Buenos Aires show. Considering this tasty antipasto we believe that the complete live DVD will be another milestone in the videography of the band, just in the same league as Paris 1979, Donington 1991 or Madrid 1996. We just can't wait to watch it!

By the way you can see the AC/DC Italia's flag 5 minutes 11 seconds in. Considering they keep showing the Italian flag in the official videos (from Wilkes Barre to Buenos Aires) we must assume that the director and the band must like it too!

According to our sources Malcolm, Cliff and Brian left Sydney for New Zealand yesterday. The soundcheck with all the members of the band will take place today and the first show in Wellington tomorrow. Fingers crossed for some setlist change...


  1. almost like 80's???? it's the original cd version!! but this tour version was better, moreover in the second part of the song
    any rumors about the setlist? did you make some pressure up your contacts?

  2. Seems like your sources don't seem to mind you leaking all this for set list changes, I woudn't hold your breath.

  3. Do hold your breath! They are gonna bombard us back into the powerage! or throw us to the lions! ;)

  4. @Orangus. Good rumours.
    @Beanofire. Obviously, after so much time on the road we know what we can say to acdcbruzzo blog readers and what we have to keep for ourselves... ;-)
    @Jetli. being "thrown to the lions" again would be quite nice...

  5. Good. As you are in a privileged position, it's good to know you are aware of confidentiality.