Thursday, January 28, 2010


"Gire e riggire, lu porche àrriv à lu pire"

ITALIAN: Gira che ti rigira il maiale finisce sempre legato al suo palo
ENGLISH: Eventually the pig will always end up tied back to the pole*
*The pig was usually tied to a pole in Abruzzo farms. The Abruzzo pig breed is very hyperactive and lacks discipline.

There are different interpretations for this traditional saying from the rural culture of the region of Abruzzo. The most common one is that nobody can escape his destiny. Good or bad. Another one is that you need discipline and strong work ethics if you want to achieve your aims.


Considering the protagonist of this month's proverb, the Abruzzo's pig, worshiped in all its forms, we will now take the opportunity to mention another food specialty of our beloved region (apparently even Brian loves it).
THE PORCHETTA!! This tasty mouthwatering specialty originally from the Lazio region is also very popular in Abruzzo and it reaches the pinnacle of taste in the Campli area. Especially in the form of the "porchetta sandwitch". This delicious variety of pork meat with its subtly fragrant flavor derived from the rosemary, fennel and sage is so juicy and tender then it melts in your mouth. It's one of the most tasty and famous rock'n'roll food specialties of our region together with Arrosticini and Guitar Spaghetti.

And now, after the cultural lesson on Italian food and culture, let's go back to business and rock'n'roll.


Yesterday, AC/DC rehearsed a new song in Wellington which was not on the setlist. This DOES NOT MEAN that the song will be played tonight at the first Wellington show for sure. It might be played on the second night or later on in the tour just like it happened in Oslo, when the boys rehearsed Shot Down in Flames and then decided to play it in Stokholm... Or they might just drop it like Gone Shootin' at the Hammersmith show (they had rehearsed it the previous day). Of course, we don't want this to happen and it would be nice to hear If You Want Blood again. Some bagpipes on stage would be nice too... :-P
In the meantime BUON APPETITO!

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