Friday, February 26, 2010

AC/DC Abruzzo in Sydney

The Sydney adventure is over for AC/DC Abruzzo. We had a wonderful time there and we will probably open a permanent office in Sydney after the last Perth show. We love Sydney!

Sydney harbour

As most of you know, 2 months ago part of the AC/DC Abruzzo staff relocated to Sydney. There were several reasons behind this decision. Obviously we were eager to see and live in the same places where Angus, Malcolm, Bon etc had started the band back in the 1970's and to experience the lifestyle and cultural environment that gave birth to our favorite band. But it was also a good excuse to skip the cold European winter! It was an amazing and enriching experience. Even AC/DC's lyrics, especially those of the Bon Scott era, have now a different meaning to us...

Sydney is a very expensive city and you have to work a lot if you want to survive. But unlike most big world capitals we've been to it is possible to relax on nice sandy beaches, doing sports, taking beautiful promenades in huge green parks. The urban landscape is very nice and the quality of life is very high.

Bondi beach, our favourite Sydney beach

FOOD DEBAUCHERY: Obviously, as Italians, we had huge problems with the local food, although there is a big Italian community in Sydney (especially for the lack of real fresh mozzarella and gelato, which is essential when it's too hot). In Australia they mix up everything: they even put cream and mushrooms in Spaghetti alla Carbonara and pineapple or meatballs on pizza (blasphemy in Italy!). We tried Kangaroo fillet a couple of times and even Kangaroo Pizza and Kangaroo prosciutto. They have so many kangaroos here they don't know what to do with them... In the Italian quarter (Leichardt, also suggested to us by Fifa Riccabono) you still can find some good products imported from Italy but honestly, as most of the Little Italys around the world, the Sydney Italian quarter looks as fake as the pyramids in Las Vegas....


Kangaroo Prosciutto

We met lots of interesting people. And we experienced the true meaning of the world "laid-back", which is often associated to the OZ people, even applied to rock'n'roll. We met some hardcore fans who have been waiting for this tour for years, just like us.

John-Hard core OZ fan

Beer is truly the national drink here and the "British Pub Culture" is very strong... So we found ourselvels on several occasions in pubs playing pool and drinking schooners of beer and talking to girls near jux boxes...

Local cover band

Speaking of girls the situation here is almost emberassing if compared to Italy... According to some sources, the men to women ratio is like 1:4. WOMEN TO THE LEFT and WOMEN TO THE RIGHT... Litterally! Not to mention the backpackers! And they have really a laid back attitude as we had the opportunity to witness, also during AC/DC concerts...

The Jack in Sydney

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