Sunday, February 21, 2010


AC/DC Abruzzo spent the night of 30th anniversary of Bon Scott's death in Newtown, Sydney together with some other hard core fans from all around the world. Photographer Philip Morris was also there so we had the chance to meet him and talk about the glorious early days. As you know the best photos of the Bon Scott's era were taken by Philip and he has lots of stories to share about Bon and the boys from the 70's... But also about other bands like The Stones, Led Zeppelin, Geordie and even Michael Jackson... It was definitely a honor to meet him.

With Philip "lu vicchiarill" Morris

Phil distracted by the AC/DC Abruzzo flag

A member of Fraternity, one of the first bands of Bon, was also there and played some of their early songs . Then it was the turn of local cover band Dirty Deeds. Pretty impressive, also from a visual point of view, especially the singer who got his moves down really well. Great voice too. In the setlist we got Jailbreak, It's a Long Way to The Top (with bagpipe of course), Baby Please Don't Go and Rock'n'Roll ain't noise pollution (Bon's Style!!). They mixed it up pretty well!

Dirty Deeds

Of course it wasn't like being in Fremantle but it was still a memorable way for us to pay tribute to Bon. It was really a special night...

Rare photo by Philip Morris for AC/DC Abruzzo

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