Saturday, March 6, 2010


No setlist change for tonigh either. But amazing performance of the boys, especially Brian. Here's some exclusive photos from the show!


  1. Martin Stockholm SwedenMarch 7, 2010 at 6:53 AM

    So then I don't have to rearrange my flight to Asia... to go via Perth where I spent a week a month ago. But I would have put a dollar on either Bonny or Ride on... but if they would play Walk all over you I would walk all over Australia.... The first Brisbane show became my la... test... on the day 25,5 years since my first. I realised that back then Angus hadn't turned 30 yet and he is still duckwalking as never before. Amazing!! But I must say that Brian really was at his best on all of the gigs in Australia. In the latest edition of Rolling stone (Australia edition) there is an interwiev with him talking about his personal trainer but I think he most have bought a oxygene tent too or something :-) as much energy boast he is showing...

    Had to see more of Austrlia so after (and before Brisbane) I rented a car to go to see Canberra and after Brisbane I've been to Cairns to see the rainforest and the
    Great barrier reef. But on the other hand I wanted to see Adelaide but you can't see all and I'll see it next time. But Perth (and Fremantle) and the area around there was really nice. Hope they come up with some magic tomorrow night... or not 'cause I'm probably not gonna be there...

  2. Hi Matteo and Stefano,

    your pictures are getting better and better. Somer really great work on these ones!
    I love to swing by your blog every day.
    Keep it up!!!