Monday, March 8, 2010

Photos from PERTH 2nd night

In the end they DID change the setlist! No, not AC/DC. It was Wolfmother, who played a special song for Perth: Communication Breakdown by Led Zeppelin!

But who really cares about the setlist? In the end we are for the Rock'n'Roll. And AC/DC proved again that they are the best rock'n'roll band in the world. So we are happy.

On Saturday, we had an amazing performance by Brian. Tonight it was Angus who stole the show. The other boys were just impeccable as usual. And Perth proved to be the perfect place to end this historic Australian tour. A magic place, especially because of Bon. And we are sure that Bon would be happy to see how AC/DC have managed to conquer the world and play the biggest stadiums in Australia in front of three generations of fans! This was definetely a memorable night for rock'n'roll...


  1. This last shot of Malcolm is just perfect!!!
    Great work of yours.

  2. I agree, Matteo. The picture of Malcolm could not have been more perfect if he had been posing for it. Great job! barb pruitt

  3. Martin Stockholm SwedenMarch 12, 2010 at 2:37 PM

    Seems likes it's more likely that Elvis makes a comeback then AC/DC changing the setlist... They seem pretty satisfied with it since they almost have played the same songs for the past 30 years. Ok, not always in the same order but the same songs... but according to that Rolling stone interview where they say that first comes the canons, then Rosie and then the train... they might do what Aerosmith did one time in the 70's and change the setlist in the way that they start with the usually last song and then play the setlist "backwards" so they finish with the (usual) opener. Only problem was that the band was so high that they went off stage after the usual final song, in this case the first beleiving the concert was over, leaving the crowd a bit surprised and quite disapointed. I read this story somewhere, propably on the internet (where everything is 100 % true) and don't know how much truth there is to it but anyway it's a good story :-)... that's where I place my bet about the setlist changes :-)

    Salute yaa and agree about what others have said about the pics.

  4. acdc dies on february 19 1980. The rest is just a comic.

  5. I saw a show in brisbane absolutely brilliant,but the 2 shows in perth were out of this world and im not just saying that because im a local freo chick.Im a BON fan like many of us here but brian did a great job ,the man himself would give the thumbs up .