Monday, April 19, 2010



The Pilgrimage of AC/DC Abruzzo to the grave of legendary Rocker Bon Scott

Whiskey on the rocks

Fremantle Cemetery March 7, 2010 - The President and Oscar "El Rana" after the 4th beer

EL RANA - Mateo, 40 years I waited to come here. 40 years... I wanna stay here now...
THE PRESIDENT- What do you mean Oscar?!? You wanna sleep here tonight?
EL RANA - No Mateo... I wanna stay here forever...

The Bon Scott Memorial

We had planned to go to Fremantle on March 7, after the first show in Perth. We had waited many years to visit the grave of Ronald Belford Scott, one of the greatest rock'n'roll legend ever existed. It was part of the promise we had made after the Hammersmith show in 2003. And finally the day had arrived. Being there on the year of the 30th anniversary of his death, after 10 AC/DC shows in a row in Australia was something really special and meaningful for us.

We arrive early in the afternoon. From the moment you spot the arch built only a couple of years ago you can tell the place has something magical.... A small small group of people are already inside, chatting and drinking, in a very respectful way. We stop in front of Bon's grave to pay our tribute to the Legend. We stay there for a few minutes observing the plaque and all the gifts that were brought from fans coming from all over the world. "Carry Me Home" is played by a small radio a few metres from us...

A big guy with curly hair waves at us. He wants us to join him. He recognizes our T-shirts from the 2003 Hammersmith show in London. He's got one too...

Hola. Me llamo Oscar. Pero todos me llaman "El Rana"... Oscar speaks only Spanish. He tells us about his bar in Madrid, about his huge bootleg collection, about the debts he made to come to Australia, about the memories from the legendary 2003 Hammersmith gig, about the fact that he doesn't have a ticket for the last show in Perth but decided to come anyway... You could clearly see in his eyes that spark that you find in all hardcore AC/DC fans when they talk about their passion... He keeps handing us bottles of beers in the meantime, which we all dedicate "TO BON"...

We stay there for almost 3 hours, sitting on the grass and sharing stories and meeting people who pass by... Families with children, people who live a few blocks away, miners from the outback and fans. Lots of fans... Each of them has a story or a reason for being there... For us it is the promise we made in London after the Hammersmith show, for John it is the promise he made to his mate who died a few weeks before. For Oscar it is simply the dream of a lifetime.

Oscar is right. You could feel there was something special, ephemeral, spiritual in the air...

After the 4 beers we are feeling a bit drunk but we have to go back to Fremantle to buy our pentacles in the Fremantle market before it closes... We say Ciao to all our friends and we get a lift from the guy of the Highway to Hell Tour, who just stopped by. We jump on his "rock'n'roll tram"and head for the market...

The Grave of Bon Scott on March 7, 2010

El Rana and his disciples from Spain

Another beer "to Bon"


  1. Just wondering what that song is at end of cemetery footage down the road im 44 and never heard he was very good rocker!!!

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