Monday, May 31, 2010


Yes! The rumours are true! The setlist was changed yesterday in Oslo! In fact there a curfew problem due to the fact that the concert started 50 minutes later than scheduled. Apparently the band arrived late to the venue.

So in end, the Norwegian crowd didn't get to listen to Shot Down In Flames (2nd time they drop this song in Oslo on this tour), Black Ice, War Machine and For Those About to Rock.

Here's the exclusive video of Highway to Hell as last song. Soon the official report.

See you in Finland!

Midnight curfew: Highway to Hell in daylight but no time for cannons...


  1. Ah c'est con ça... Les cannons étaient mouillés? :-)

  2. The reason for the delay was simply because their plane had problems in Berlin and it took a while to get chartered a new aircraft.
    According to it`s the first time on the Black Ice tour that AC/DC didn`t play "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)" as the last song, and probably one of the few times since the song was released in November 1981 that AC/DC not playing the encore.

  3. No. it was an alert signal in the Berlin airport. No problem with the ACDC private jet.

  4. The show ended with Let There Be Rock on August 21th, 1996...